Students Design Dramatic Window Displays

Students Design Dramatic Window Displays

Last month, we showed you window design work from Visual Communications Students taking Paul Olszewski’s Design Installation class. More recently, students were divided into four teams to tackle a second window project where they designed around themes such as In the Clouds and Pop Art.

Since students are still learning remotely due to Covid-19, teams worked together on Zoom and then built-out their respective window designs at home. They then presented their finished work while answering questions about their concept, process, materials, and challenges.



Olszewski, who is also the Creative Director of Campus Visuals and Special Projects at FIDM, has enjoyed a legendary career as a Visual Manager for iconic retailers such as Bergdorf Goodman, Neiman Marcus, and Macy’s Inc, where he was the National Visual Director of Windows & Flagship Visual Marketing.


Pictured: In the Clouds windows (from left to right) by FIDM Students Alex Silva, Marguerite Nguyen, Ashlie Rosswall, and Alec BlandaPop Art windows (from left to right) by FIDM Students Sara Nasser, Bonnie Noorabadi, and Ivan Garcia Fernandez.

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