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Cost of Attendance by Major

Select a major to view the breakdown of Tuition and Fees by major. Students with prior degrees or completed college coursework may contact Admissions to discuss transferability and appropriate tuition adjustments.

Advanced Fashion Design, Advanced Study
Apparel Industry Management, A.A.
Apparel Industry Management, Professional Designation
Apparel Technical Design, B.S.
Beauty Business Management, B.S.
Beauty Marketing & Product Development, A.A.
Beauty Marketing & Product Development, Professional Designation
The Business of Denim, Advanced Study
Business Management, B.S.
Creative Industry Studies, B.A.
Apparel Industry Management Core
Beauty Marketing & Product Development Core
Digital Marketing Core
Digital Media Core
Fashion Design Core
Graphic Design Core
Interior Design Core
Merchandise Product Development Core
Merchandising & Marketing Core
Visual Communications Core
Design, B.A.
Digital Marketing, A.A.
Digital Marketing, Professional Designation
Digital Marketing, B.A.
Digital Media, A.A.
Digital Media, Professional Designation
Digital Cinema, B.A.
Fashion Design, A.A.
Fashion Design, Professional Designation
Fashion Knitwear Design, B.A.
Film & TV Costume Design, Advanced Study
Graphic Design, A.A.
Graphic Design, Professional Designation
Graphic Design, B.A.
Interior Design, A.A.
Interior Design, Professional Designation
Interior Design, B.A.
International Manufacturing & Product Development, Advanced Study
Master of Business Administration, MBA
Menswear, Advanced Study
Merchandise Product Development, A.A.
Merchandise Product Development, Professional Designation
Merchandising & Marketing, A.A.
Merchandising & Marketing, Professional Designation
Professional Studies, B.A.
Visual Communications, A.A.
Visual Communications, Professional Designation