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Brandon Morgan portrait

Brandon Morgan: Embracing Authenticity and Exploring Creative Distinction

Brandon Morgan has experienced a transformative journey that has shaped his career trajectory while at FIDM. While enrolled in The Business of Denim program, his time at FIDM has not only provided him with valuable education but has also surrounded him with like-minded individuals who share his drive and hunger for greatness.

According to Brandon, his experience at FIDM has been instrumental in his success so far. He emphasizes the value of being immersed in the industry while having the opportunity to learn simultaneously. He states, "The idea of 'Learning to Teach, and Teaching to Learn' has persisted in the back of my mind since my experience at the institute began."

One of the most impactful projects during his time at FIDM thus far was the eleven-day venture through Amsterdam as part of The Business of Denim program. Brandon shares, "After a journey through the Kingpins Show, a meeting with Tenue de Nîmes, connecting with the House of Denim Foundation, and learning at PVH Corp., my perspective on the game widened.” This experience expanded his understanding of the textile industry and the evolution of denim, sparking his passion even more.

While Brandon acknowledges the potential challenges in his career, he sees beauty in the uncertainty. He believes that the exploration of the unknown unlocks greatness. He says, "Beyond the closed curtains of all challenges of life, the journey within is what makes the result at the end most honorable."

Brandon's ability to navigate challenges and obstacles stems from his upbringing and the philosophy instilled by his parents. He shares, "Be the guy who says 'no'. It is no great achievement to go along with the crowd. Explore the difference, be extraordinary." This mindset has shaped his creativity and helped him overcome hurdles in his professional life.

Mentorship and networking opportunities have played a significant role in Brandon's career growth. His journey to Vidalia Mills, an American-made denim mill, allowed him to witness true heritage in the craft of denim. This experience led to valuable connections and the opportunity to craft products of his own with fabric provided by the mill.

The knowledge and skills gained at FIDM have helped Brandon stay innovative and ahead of industry trends. He feels prepared to take on the industry, stating, "Tying the knots between my creativity and the fundamentals of success has helped me emphasize my idea of the sky being the limit." Self-expression has proved to be a valuable strategy from FIDM's curriculum for Brandon. He emphasizes the constructive environment in the classroom that has allowed him to see different perspectives and ideas. Building on the infrastructure of self-expression alongside his peers has widened his lens on life and the path to greatness.

FIDM's focus on creative thinking has prepared Brandon to thoroughly pursue his passions. Having developed his denim brand in his parents' basement, it soon evolved into a growing business. The creative thinking strategies he has adopted have helped guide him in expanding his boundaries, while also applying his self-taught techniques into his craft. He acknowledges the importance of understanding what works in the industry and applying strategically creative concepts to promote individuality, authenticity, and self-expression.

To current students aspiring to achieve elevated levels of success, Brandon advises, "Choose to be successful and persevere through life's obstacles. The path to greatness is carved through challenging work and reaching that point feels good. Keep going." Brandon Morgan's journey to creative success highlights the power of authenticity, exploration, and perseverance.

Instagram: @brandonmorgank

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