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Advisory Council

Career Opportunities

Career Development goes hand-in-hand with curriculum

Our Career Center has cultivated a database of thousands of employer contacts nationwide with the singular goal of providing industry-related internships and employment opportunities for our students and alumni.

Director of Marketing

Responsible for driving the implementation, communication, and management of marketing and communication programs. This position works cross-functionally with Sales, PR, Merchandising, Operations, and Regulatory, as well as other areas of the company, to ensure successful implementation and launch of marketing strategy and brand equity building activities domestically and internationally that will ultimately result in driving sales.

Product Development Manager

Spearhead product innovation to identify upcoming trends in product concepts for new and existing launches. Research and monitor industry developments and identify potential new product opportunities. Manage all phases of formula development and establish relationships with third party laboratories, manage on-site production, shade approvals and review batch submissions.

Director of Packaging

Responsible for researching, developing, and launching new products. Source packaging to ensure meets Product Development and Marketing goals and budget parameters. Manage product certification process. Work closely with engineers to develop prototypes for products. Evaluate the financial aspects of product development, such as budgets, expenditures, research, testing, and return-on-investment and profit-loss projections.

Marketing Manager

Research Develop and implement a Brand and Communication strategy, standards and practices that elicit the behavior, emotion and recognition objectives of the company. Development of key messages for all audiences to communicate core brand identity. Formulate, direct and coordinate marketing activities and policies to promote products and services, working with advertising and promotion managers. Execute all communication activities and public relations (marketing materials, advertising, client communications, direct mail, marketing campaigns, press releases, content for trade publications, etc.).

Integrated Marketing Manager

Responsible for helping develop, implement and measure strategic integrated marketing campaigns. Research industry trends, social media/engagement tools and use them within targeted IMC campaigns. Utilize public relations, advertising, brand management and design together to form a cohesive marketing communications campaign.

Brand Manager

Responsible for managing a company's brand. Develop plans that support brand objectives and ensure product growth. Devise annual and seasonal campaigns and launches that increase the awareness of stature of a company or brand.

Digital Media Marketing Manager

Engage with influencers, communities, and consumers through social media channels to drive brand awareness and customer acquisition. Create, execute and revise social media strategy and social media marketing programs. Act as the brand gatekeeper and manager of voice and brand's social presence.

Social Media Manager

Help develop and implement company's social media strategy and digital initiatives. Create presence across social networks, help create entertaining and engaging content that increases brand equity, presence, and awareness. Manage SEO/SEM integration, monitor and analyze social media trends and their impact on company/brand.

Influencer/Community Manager

Engage with influencers, communities, and consumers through social media channels to drive brand awareness and customer acquisition. Create, execute, and revise social media strategy and social media marketing programs. Acts as the brand gatekeeper and manager of voice and brand's social presence.

Marketing Analyst

Research and report information that helps a company make business decisions and increase its profits. Conduct surveys that measure customer satisfaction, product testing and observing the company's competition. Find out and communicate what the customer's perception is of the product or service, as well as customer needs. Measure performance of campaigns and the efficiency of business decisions. Cooperate with Product Development to determine new ranges of products that are suitable to the market.

Cosmetics Department Manager

Coaches sales team to ensure achievement of sales goals. Partners with Selling Managers on training, development and performance management of sales team. Consistently upgrades product knowledge in order to drive sales.

Beauty Buyer

Responsible for planning and selecting a range of products to sell in retail outlets. Must consider market trends, customer demand, price, quality and availability when making purchasing decisions. Source new merchandise and review existing items to ensure products remain competitive. Maximize profits and provide a commercially viable range of merchandise at competitive prices.

Sales Manager

Research and develop marketing opportunities and plans, implement sales plans, and manage staff. Improve product marketability and profitability by researching, identifying, and capitalizing on market opportunities

Public Relations Manager

Engage in promoting individuals, groups, or organizations by writing or selecting favorable publicity material and releasing it through various communications media. Prepare and arrange displays and make speeches.

Manager, Product Education

Conceptualize and develop interactive brand training materials, digital tools, and videos focused on artistry, product knowledge, and client service to significantly impact education initiatives.  Manage development of educational materials with print/collateral vendors including tracking, timeline management, and execution.

Director of Operations

Work closely with product development, sales, marketing, and logistics to increase overall revenue and functionality of the company. Facilitate decisions for operational excellence, set strategic goals, and see these through to completion with department leaders.