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Advisory Council

Career Opportunities

Career Development goes hand-in-hand with curriculum

Our Career Center has cultivated a database of thousands of employer contacts nationwide with the singular goal of providing industry-related internships and employment opportunities for our students and alumni.

Social Media Manager

Help develop and implement company's social media strategy and digital initiatives. Create presence across social networks, help create entertaining and engaging content that increases brand equity, presence, and awareness. Manage SEO/SEM integration, monitor and analyze social media trends and their impact on company/brand.

Social Media Content Developer/Specialist

Develop engaging, relevant, and useful content for use on website, blogs, and various social media community platforms. Incorporates visual concepts as well as creative writing, event, and promotional planning.

Online Community Manager

Acts as the frontline brand manager by interacting with customers and fans in real time on various web platforms. Act as liaison across the Internet, participating in minute-by-minute online conversations by answering questions, offering solutions, and mediating conversations and creating content for feeds and sparking discussion.

Social Media Product Manager

Create online product experience, including developing innovative marketing/merchandising solutions. Drive social media product definitions, customer needs, and technological capabilities into strong social media applications.


Responsible for opinionated, stylish writing and posting new content to the internet. Develop and revise text for online communications, press releases, web articles, and video blogs.


Write/develop record, edit and prepare podcasts for internet publication. Research material, schedule guest speakers, and coordinate content reviews.

Social Media Planner

Develop strategic proposals for digital advertising, coordinate with media team on inventory availability, allocate budget according to objectives, use market intelligence to build plans, and translate/evaluate social media activities into performance metrics.

Social Media Director

Develop, lead, and ensure implementation of company's social media strategy and digital initiatives. Oversee presence across social networks, strategize entertaining and engaging content that increases brand equity, presence, and awareness. Direct SEO/SEM integration and use analysis of social media trends to ensure beneficial impact on company/brand.

Media Relations Specialist

Generate national and regional media coverage and oversee tracking and evaluation of media coverage. Identify top influencers and develop relationships to land editorial placement. Lead efforts including performing social audits, determining media targets, developing and executing plans, writing pitches and posts, handling incoming media relations, and brainstorming creative solutions to brand challenges.

Interactive Project Manager

Responsible for all phases of interactive project planning, design, and execution. Serve as the primary expert and point of contact for interactive platforms and system interfaces. Track interactive design, quality assurance, and deployment.

SEM (Search Engine Marketing) Specialist/Manager

Identify search engine marketing business opportunities based on competitive research, industry data/trends, and key performance metrics of campaigns. Build search engine volume and efficiency forecasts, initiate tests to improve key metrics.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Specialist/Manager

Manage the optimization strategy, including link-building, content development, social media, and vendor consulting. Lead and manage the implementation of all SEO recommendations, tying in social marketing and content strategies across platforms.

Interactive Strategist/Social Media Analyst

Develop and maintain a strong content creation and curation strategy that provides leads, conversion and traffic generation using key social media and SEO toolsets. Use social media analytics, Iinternet trends, and multivariate statistical techniques and generate recommendations based on findings.