The following are the required courses for this major. Students who attend Orientation and meet with the Education Department can obtain personalized academic counseling to complete the program. Transfer credits, changes in curriculum, and other factors may affect the academic plan for individual students. The FIDM Education Department can provide additional information.


FIDM degree in Apparel Industry Management, Fashion Design, Merchandising & Marketing or Merchandise Product Development, or a prior degree in a related field from another accredited college or university. Additional requirements may apply.

One-on-one advisement is available to students from other FIDM Majors to consider eligibility for special admissions to this program. Contact the appropriate department chairperson.

Associate of Arts, Advanced Study (A.A.)

DENM 3000
The History of Denim and Trends
This course includes the history of denim from the inception of workwear through the evolution of the blue jean as the fashion statement of the 21st century. A look into the most influential innovative textiles and processes. This course analyzes past, present and future trends across all marketplaces, and their impact and application in the current marketplace. Students create forecasting reports including visuals, sketches, wash standards, and written documentation. Prerequisites: A.A. in Apparel Industry Management, Fashion Design, Merchandise Product Development, or Merchandising & Marketing
DENM 3150
Denim Process I
Color and fade aesthetics of denim wet and dry finishing methods are evaluated. Denim performance, durability, quality and everyday use are assessed. Students work in a lab setting to complete hands-on industry testing and finishing processes. Industry ASTM and AATCC methods are used and applied. Prerequisites: A.A. in Apparel Industry Management, Fashion Design, Merchandise Product Development, or Merchandising & Marketing
DENM 3300
Sustainable Practices in the Product Lifecycle
Sustainability of denim is researched and assessed. Students study the impact of denim on the global environment from fiber to consumer. Eco-friendly textiles, product development processes, production strategies and compliance are researched and discussed. Color management and finishing processes using natural dyes are explored. FTC labeling requirements, Going Green organizations, and certifications will be considered. Post-consumer care and consumption will be reviewed. Prerequisites: A.A. in Apparel Industry Management, Fashion Design, Merchandise Product Development, or Merchandising & Marketing
DENM 3400
Fabric Development and Innovation
This lab gives students hands-on experience with processes relating to the aesthetic and functional characteristics of denim. Students learn to identify denim fabric construction and correlate the varieties of denim with application to the appropriate market segments. Research includes cotton from field to fabric, yarn developments, and weaving innovations in the textile development process. Finishing methods and their feasibility with respect to appearance, performance expectations, and quality are examined. Prerequisites: A.A. in Apparel Industry Management, Fashion Design, Merchandise Product Development, or Merchandising & Marketing
DENM 3500
Sourcing, Production and Compliance
An advanced class in domestic and global production and sourcing strategies to analyze the processes of yarn purchase through finished products and global distribution. This course explores the federal regulations of denim textiles and finished goods entering the U.S. marketplace with an emphasis on consumer law, compliance and required care. Costing is calculated and assessed. Prerequisite: DENM 3600
DENM 3550A
Denim Construction: Fit & Cost I
Students research past and present jeans to analyze how the construction and patternmaking methods affect the fit of a five pocket jean and the aesthetic look of various wash processes. A five-pocket jean is designed, patterned, and sampled along with a complete technical package. Prerequisites: A.A. in Apparel Industry Management, Fashion Design, Merchandise Product Development, or Merchandising & Marketing
DENM 3550B
Denim Construction: Fit & Cost II
Students learn construction methods and the order of assembly used to make denim garments. Students identify and evaluate construction techniques, fabric selection strategies, style details, machinery capabilities, production processes, cost, and compare innovative practices and products to analyze the differences in construction between various market segments and the effects on costing. Prerequisites: DENM 3150, DENM 3400, DENM 3550A
DENM 3600
Denim Industry Seminar
An in-depth study tour in which students visit the entire product development cycle of denim processing facilities. Students will journal the process from design through production and describe the purpose of each step in the product lifecycle. Course includes a directed global study tour to complete this research. Prerequisites: DENM 3150, DENM 3300, DENM 3400, DENM 3550A
DENM 3700
Denim Process II
This advanced process course takes students into an industry wash house. Students are required to analyze denim choices for finishing and application to their specific consumer. They are required to complete industry standard technical packages detailing wash development. Samples are reviewed and students are responsible for the process, application, and corrections to complete the aesthetic process on the denim textile. Prerequisites: DENM 3550B, DENM 3600, DENM 3950
DENM 3750
Denim Fit Analysis
This is an advanced course based on the principles of fit as it applies to denim products. The learning process includes the creation of a basic block based off of the evaluation of a fit session. Students design, pattern, and complete a prototype sample. Students identify fit corrections and then apply them to the patterns and samples. Prerequisites: DENM 3550B, DENM 3950
DENM 3800
Negotiation and Communication
A course in effective organizational communication, with emphasis on advanced oral articulation skills. Students examine the dynamics of individual and group communication in preparation for full-scaled, business-specific, informative deliberations. Students use computer technology, visual aids, and statistical data to enhance the impact and clarity of their presentations. Prerequisites: DENM 3600, DENM 3950
DENM 3850
Brand Entrepreneurship
Students combine systematic research to consider the impact of social media platforms on the brand identity. Students research and analyze how the denim industry uses labels, hang tags, and hardware to brand products. Students analyze the principles of entrepreneurship based upon leading brands and their competitive advantage in the global marketplace. Strategies of management and branding styles are evaluated. Prerequisites: DENM 3600, DENM 3950
DENM 3950
Denim Line Collection
This capstone class challenges students to develop an exclusive denim product collection geared toward the lifestyle of the target market. Students research denim fabric options, wash standards, retail, branding, style trends, and fit to create consumer branded merchandise. This course requires technical research to understand Product Lifecycle Management and techniques to illustrate denim standards using Adobe Suite. Prerequisites: DENM 3000, DENM 3150, DENM 3300, DENM 3400, DENM 3550A
Total Units of Credit: 48