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Advisory Council

Career Opportunities

Career Development goes hand-in-hand with curriculum

Our Career Center has cultivated a database of thousands of employer contacts nationwide with the singular goal of providing industry-related internships and employment opportunities for our students and alumni.

Interior Designer

Make it look good on the inside. Determine the look of an interior space for a residence, business, or television show. Be responsible for everything from the interior and sometimes external finishes, to minor or major architectural drawings and changes, lighting designs, decorative items, and all finished furnishings.

Set Director

Get ready for some on-screen action. Develop and design sets for film, television, and theatre - from furniture to lamps, accessories, and rugs. Read scripts and research location or decoration requirements and construction budgets. Design and build models or miniature sets used in filming backgrounds or special effects.

Production Designer

Get into the concept. Develop the visual concept of a film, television, or theatre production. Work with the Director. Consider sets, locations, graphics, props, lighting, camera angles, and costumes. Manage the work of the Design Team and Set Construction Team. Help to plan and monitor design budget.

Project Manager

Put your people skills to work. Manage all aspects of large projects such as commercial design projects. Hire Interior Designers, Space Planners, or other Consultants to complete complex jobs. Perfect for someone with strong organizational skills and management know-how.