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Advisory Council

Career Opportunities

Career Development goes hand-in-hand with curriculum

Our Career Center has cultivated a database of thousands of employer contacts nationwide with the singular goal of providing industry-related internships and employment opportunities for our students and alumni.

Product Developer/Brand Manager

Control an image. Be responsible for managing the development of all new styles within the total line for a specific brand within the context of the company's financial plans and business strategy. Develop unique and creative ways to brand the company's product.


Take trend spotting to the next level. Turn trends into profitable products that meet the needs of the target customer. Be responsible for Product Development from conceptual design, budgeting and production, to the final marketing of the product.

Assistant Technical Designer

Work alongside the Technical Designer to ensure that a sketch can be translated into a functional garment. Be responsible for receiving, logging, and measuring garment prototypes, conducting fit sessions, and ensuring proper fit and styling. Take accurate notes and communicate with Design Assistant to revise and update all sketches and technical details.

Trend Analyst

Get ahead of the fashion curve. Spot trends before they happen and analyze their influence on future markets. Provide outlook on color, style, and fabric to the Merchandising Team, who will incorporate the upcoming trends into new product lines.

Assistant Designer

Sketch your way to success. Assist the Head Designer in all aspects of the design process including sketching, both freehand and using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. Communicate with overseas vendors, keep an eye out for the latest trends, do color and trend forecasting, and meet with Merchandisers and Buyers.

Preproduction Coordinator

Develop detailed specifications and costs for individual styles within a brand's seasonal line. Perfect the style details, fit, and patterns for garments before starting production. Communicate with global suppliers and manufacturers on a daily basis.

Spec Technician

Measure garments and record all measurements to ensure precise development of patterns. Communicate all details with global suppliers and checks for accuracy on a daily basis.

Sourcing Assistant

Be a creative source. Conduct research to determine the best source of materials to create and manufacture a finished garment/product and where it will be produced at home and internationally.

Fabric/Trim Buyer

Add a special touch. Locate and buy fabrics and trims that a Designer needs for an upcoming line. Cultivate relationships with vendors and attend trade shows.

Licensing Coordinator

Act as the primary contact person between the licenser (owner of a brand/name) and the licensee (company that pays the rights to use the brand/name). This is a fast-paced, lucrative career in the growing field of licensing.

Technical Designer

Work with patternmakers, fit live models or forms, be responsible for technical flat sketches and garment specifications. Develop and review fabric and construction standards, become proficient in Web PDM applications.

Preproduction Manager

Maintain the flow of information between the development team and the production sources. Oversee product details, fit and patterns. Communicate with global suppliers and manufacturers on a daily basis.

Sourcing Coordinator

Conduct research and determine the best source of materials to create and manufacture a finished garment or product and where it will be produced. Become an expert in foreign customs and cultures.