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FIDM DEBUT Fashion Design Graduate Cole Moscaret

Cole Moscaret: Unleashing 'It' Factor in the Creative Business Industry

Cole Moscaret has been making an impactful wave in the creative business industry, fueled by his unique talents and invaluable education received at FIDM. Cole's journey led him to Drew House, the streetwear brand founded by Justin Bieber and Ryan Good, where he has risen to become a key player.

At Drew House, Cole has immersed his talent in research development and design with an advanced set of A-list clientele. His time at FIDM laid the foundation for his success, equipping him with a detailed set of essential skills. He credits mentorship from his former professor Angela Fuentes in providing him invaluable knowledge and confidence to chase his dreams. He cites that FIDM's network and connections offered him a special chance to learn from industry experts, while also gaining insights to propel his career growth.
Also, applying concepts learned in classes like marketing, branding, and design have proved crucial to Cole's success. These classes taught him the importance of creating demand for his unique aesthetic to stand out amongst such a competitive industry.
Reflecting on his experience, Cole stated, "FIDM taught me to not overthink or freak out when an obstacle came my way. Stay calm, take a moment before you do anything, and create a plan to overcome it. There is a solution to everything... just stay calm and patient, and you will figure out how to win. Don't accept failure, it's only a learning lesson."

Cole's journey from FIDM to Drew House highlights the power of a creative education and the drive to succeed. His unique perspective and dedication to his craft has propelled him to new heights in the industry. As a testament to his accomplishments, Cole's success story serves as an inspiration to current and aspiring students, demonstrating that with the right education and unwavering determination, one can unleash their own "it" factor in the creative business world. 

Instagram: @colemoscaret 

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