Students with prior degrees or completed college coursework may contact the Office of Admissions to discuss transferability and appropriate tuition adjustments.

Charges for the second year (of any two-year program) will be based upon the prevailing cost at the time of acceptance and completion of second year enrollment forms. A change in major will result in a change in cost.

Effective May 1, 2019

B.A. in Creative Industry Studies, Merchandising & Marketing Core

Bachelor of Arts tuition fee schedule.
  Junior Year Merchandising & Buying [45 units] Junior Year Fashion Marketing [45 units] Senior Year [46 units]
Tuition $28,800 $28,800 $29,440
Books & applicable sales taxes $2,236 $2,723 $1,958
Supplies & applicable sales taxes $25 $15 $43
Course-related Resources $520 $540 $0
Studio/Lab Usage Fee $800 $800 $800
Matriculation Fee $100 $100
Student Association Fee $320 $320 $320
Graduation Fee $250
Sub-Total $32,801 $33,298 $32,811


Books & Supplies Policy


Initial and Final Application Fee Schedules for All First-Time Students

These fees are in addition to the above total and are non-refundable. Refer to appropriate Application Fee Schedule below.

Application Fee Schedule
In-State StudentOut-of-State StudentInternational Student
Initial Application Fee (non-refundable)$25$25$25
Final Application Fee (non-refundable, due upon acceptance)$200$200$200
Additional Out-of-State Fee (refundable, due prior to registration)$150
Additional International Fee (refundable, due prior to registration)$400
Explanation of Fees
  1. The student agrees to pay the non-refundable Initial Application Fee of $25 along with the Application form. This application does not obligate the student or FIDM in any way. Enrollment and financial arrangements will be completed upon acceptance.
  2. The $200 non-refundable Final Application Fee should also be submitted as a separate check or money order prior to determining the student's acceptance for Out-of-State and International students. It will be returned if the student is not accepted.

Refund & Financial Services Policies

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