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General Information

General Information

Here you'll find general information about all things FIDM, from getting around, to shopping, to safety and taking care of your health. From Tutors to Personal Counselors, FIDM has a dedicated staff of professionals working to make your experience at FIDM the very best it can be. We look forward to helping you succeed while you're at FIDM and beyond.

Personal Safety & Crime Prevention on Campus

FIDM is dedicated to providing a safe working and learning environment. All students are informed of campus security procedures during orientation and employees are informed upon hire. While Campus Security plays a role in ensuring the campus remains as safe as possible, students and employees are also responsible for their own safety, as well as for the safety of those around them. Students and employees should be familiar with FIDM’s campus security procedures and report an incident when it occurs. For information on FIDM’s campus security policies and crime statistics, please see FIDM’s most recent Annual Safety and Security Report. A paper copy of the report is available upon request.

Download or view the Annual Safety & Security Report (PDF)


Students and employees should report any and all suspicious campus activity immediately upon witnessing it. Students, faculty, and staff are strongly encouraged to report all crimes to local law enforcement. Dial 9-1-1 for emergencies only. Any suspicious activity or person seen in the parking lots or loitering around vehicles or inside the building should be reported to the local law enforcement agency. The Annual Safety and Security Report contains applicable contact information.

Off-campus: Report any crime to the local police. For emergencies, please call 911.

On-campus: Report any crime, emergency, and/or suspicious or potentially criminal activity immediately to the FIDM Campus Security Authorities.

  • Los Angeles Campus: 213-624-1200 x2020

Preparing Annual Disclosure of Crime Statistics

To maintain compliance with Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Crime Statistics Act (“Clery Act”), Higher Education Act (“HEA”) requirements, and related statutes and regulations, and in an effort to continuously promote and improve safety and security measures on campus, FIDM collects and publishes information regarding its security policies, available services and crime statistics. Once collected, the information is presented annually in the Annual Safety and Security Report (“the Report”) to prospective and current students, prospective and current faculty and staff, and to the public. FIDM distributes the Report to all enrolled students and current employees via a notice by electronic mail that the current version of the Report has been posted to FIDM’s website. A paper copy is also available upon request. Any questions about this Report should be directed to Lisa Davis, Executive Assistant to Vice President, Education & Title IX Coordinator, who serves as the Campus Security Survey Administrator at 213.624.1200, extension 3017 or ldavis@fidm.edu. 

Download or view the Annual Safety & Security Report (PDF)

Daily Crime Log

The Daily Crime Log records all alleged crimes reported to a campus security authority. It is organized by the date of the report and includes the date of the crime, in addition to the nature, location, and disposition of each crime. The Daily Crime Log is available at the Security Desk (Rotunda). The crime log for the most recent 60‐day period is open for public inspection, upon request, during normal business hours. Any portion of the log that is older than 60 days must be made available within two business days of a request for public inspection. Crime logs must be kept for three years following the publication of the last annual security report to which they apply (in effect, seven years).


The FIDM campus is located in downtown Los Angeles with many public transportation options available to meet students’ needs. For information on selective transportation schedules, student discounts on public transportation, and directions, students should contact the Student Activities Office.

Parking Information

Students should contact the Student Activities Office for parking information in the surrounding community.

First Aid & Health Information

While FIDM does not have a Health and Wellness Center, first-aid supplies are available. Please contact the campus receptionist, at 213-624-1200, for specific information about first-aid supply locations. In alignment with public health guidelines, COVID-19 vaccinations are recommended, but not required for all students and staff. Students may visit the Student Activities Office or the Personal Counseling Office for health insurance brochures and other health information. Health resources are not affiliated with FIDM.

Student Lounge

The FIDM Student Lounge is a place to eat lunch, catch up on homework, get information, participate in campus events and activities, or to relax. Microwaves and vending machines are also available for student use.

Student Newsletter

The Student Newsletter publishes important announcements from all FIDM Departments and can be found in the Student Activities Office and Student Lounge, and on the FIDM Portal and Canvas.

Student Photo Identification Cards

All current students must display their FIDM Student Photo ID and a valid quarter sticker while on campus. This card is required for access to the FIDM campus, and it allows students to check out books and DVDs in the Library, pick up books and supplies from the Bookroom, print in the Library/IDEA Center and computer labs, and receive student discounts around town. The fee for a lost FIDM Student Photo ID is $10.

Lost & Found

Lost & Found is located at the FIDM Security Desk, 1st floor (Rotunda).

Earthquake Preparedness

In an earthquake, falling objects pose the greatest danger. Students should get under a sturdy desk or table if possible. Kneel down and cover the head with the arms. Duck, cover and hold. If evacuation is necessary, students should follow the arrows to the nearest exit ​as indicated on the Emergency Procedures maps posted behind classroom doors.

Emergency Alert Notification Procedure

In the event of an emergency, students receive “FIDM Alert” messages via cell phone, email, and/or text messaging. It is the student’s responsibility to provide current contact information quarterly in order to receive timely communications. To ensure the optimal level of performance in an emergency, FIDM will regularly conduct a test of the emergency alert notification system. Phone calls and text messages are subject to the conditions and rates of the student's particular calling plan. FIDM will not be held responsible for any charges billed by cell phone providers in efforts to relay information.

Evacuation Procedures

Emergency evacuation procedures are located on the back of the classroom doors.

Fire Procedures

It is important that students familiarize themselves with fire evacuation procedures. If the fire alarm rings, students must evacuate the building. Students should follow the arrows to the nearest exit ​as indicated on the Emergency Procedures maps posted behind classroom doors.


Color and black/white printing and copying are available in the Library/IDEA Center with a valid FIDM Student Photo ID card.