Visual Communications Students Design Windows at Home

Visual Communications Students Design Windows at Home

Visual Communications Instructor Paul Olszewski, who is also the Creative Director of Campus Visuals and Special Projects at FIDM, usually assigns his Design Installation students a hands-on team project where they work together on one large window. The arrival of Covid-19 and the unexpected shift to online education meant changing things up. This quarter, 15 students were divided into three different teams who worked collaboratively on Zoom and built-out their windows at home. 

“Working as a team for a cohesive statement was both challenging and exciting,” said Olszewski, who was previously National Visual Director of Windows & Flagship Visual Marketing at Macy’s Inc. “I love seeing all the different design concepts that they all come up with, steering them in the right direction, showing how they can make concepts come to real life, and watching them grow as designers. It’s very rewarding when they are proud of their work.”

Olszewski has enjoyed a legendary career as a Visual Manager for iconic retailers such as Bergdorf Goodman, Neiman Marcus, and Macy’s Inc.

Later this quarter, Design Installation students will be divided into four teams for a second window project. 

Pictured: Keep it Glassy windows by FIDM Students Sara Nasser, Alec Blanda, Ivan Garcia Fernandez, Anna Feagles, and Ashlie Rosswall. 

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