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The following are the required courses for this major. Students who attend Orientation and meet with the Education Department can obtain personalized academic counseling to complete the program. Transfer credits, changes in curriculum, and other factors may affect the academic plan for individual students. The FIDM Education Department can provide additional information.


FIDM degree in Apparel Industry Management (with one additional course), Fashion Design, or Merchandise Product Development (with one additional course); or an associate’s degree in a related field from another accredited college or university. Additional requirements may apply.

One-on-one advisement is available to students from other FIDM Majors to consider eligibility for special admissions to this program. Contact the appropriate department chairperson.

Associate of Arts, Advanced Study (A.A.)

BUMT 4250
Supply Chain Management+
In this course, students acquire a basic overview of the legal import and export strategies, structures and responsibilities of being in business, with emphasis on principles and practical applications of contract negotiations, business activity, and commercial liability. Prerequisite: BUMT 3720
MNWR 3050
Merchandising Menswear
This course examines the merchandising of menswear from dual perspectives: the development of a product line for different tiered brands and the retailers need for proper product presentation of menswear in their store.
MNWR 3080
Textiles for Menswear
This course explores fabrics and finishes for appropriate use in menswear including suiting, denim, knits, and performance fabrics. Importance of weight in fabric choice is discussed in relation to the requirements of the season and the styling features. Students also explore innovative textiles from a sustainability point of view.
MNWR 3120
Digital Design for Menswear
This course focuses on computer sketching techniques using Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop to create professional quality garments and graphics specifically geared towards menswear. The emphasis is on well-rendered menswear garments and graphics. Proficiency is demonstrated by designing, merchandising and presenting muse looks for an upcoming full collection. Looks need to be rendered effectively and shown in an industry-acceptable presentation.
MNWR 3160
Men's Apparel Process (6 hours)*
This advanced course in manual patternmaking focuses on menswear patterns and blocks based on sizing specifications for the different menswear markets (mens, young mens, big and tall). Emphasis is on industry standard details and construction. Includes a three (3) hour lab.
MNWR 3250
History of Menswear
This course tracks the shifts in mens fashion by examining the evolution of menswear through the chronicle transformation of the silhouette from the 18th century to current modern day tailoring and streetwear fashion. Topics of interest are also addressed.
MNWR 3350
Men's Tailoring
Students apply detailed construction techniques in the development of suits and sport-tailored apparel. Additional emphasis is placed on development of pockets and the waists of trousers.
MNWR 3450
Men's Fit Analysis
This is an advanced course based on the principles of fit as applied to menswear. Students apply their knowledge by completing fit corrections to patterns and actual garments.
MNWR 3500
CAD for Menswear
An advanced course in designing menswear using computer pattern drafting technology. Emphasis is placed on techniques synthesizing the use of Gerber 2-D and 3-D pattern drafting software.
MNWR 3550
Collection Design for Menswear
Students engage in researching and designing collections for specific menswear markets. The importance of costing and achieving a proper balance of design categories is examined. Students travel to Central America to experience the development and production of menswear apparel.
MNWR 3650
Designing Mens Accessories
Students research the different menswear accessory categories and then apply design principles in creating a group of casual mens accessories which reflects the concept of their apparel line.
MNWR 3700
Presentation & Analysis
This capstone course focuses on the development of a menswear collection. The course synthesizes design and construction skills with marketing and operational functions in creating a cohesive line. Students present their collection to industry experts.
MNWR 3780
Marketing Communication for Menswear
This course provides a framework for the student to apply marketing communication methodology in developing a strategy that supports the promotion of a menswear line in todays competitive marketplace.
MNWR 3800
Digital Knitwear Design
In this course, students utilize color predictive and trend resources to interpret seasonal palettes from the menswear market into a variety of patterns. Unique stitches are introduced by the process of machine knitting, including cast-on and cast-off, basic stitches, gauge, and tension. Students study the principles and elements of color and design as they relate to stitch structure in knit fabrics and garments, gaining an in-depth understanding of knit structure and surface design treatments as they apply to the menswear market. Students are introduced to Stoll M1 Plus software and STOLL industrial knitting equipment. Finally, students develop a knitwear garment which is part of their collection presentation to industry.
MNWR 3820
Distribution Strategies for Menswear
The course explores the new organizational models and channels of distribution that reflects todays cyber lifestyle as used in the menswear industry to reach target customers reflecting todays cyber lifestyle. Physical distribution/logistics are analyzed for their appropriateness in the current marketplace.
Total Units of Credit: 48

* Three (3)-hour lab included in 6 hours

+ Available as an online (distance learning) course