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Transfer Credit Policies

Coursework taken at another accredited college will be considered if there is an equivalent course at FIDM that is required for a specific major and the grade on a course already completed elsewhere is a grade of Pass or a minimum grade of "C-" (70%). Students must request a transfer credit evaluation from the Education Department before or during the first quarter of attendance at FIDM.

Applicants for Veterans benefits must be evaluated prior to attending the first class. All documentation of transferred work must be submitted and evaluated prior to the start of the student’s second quarter so the student can select the correct classes. Transcripts must be official (stamped and signed by the Registrar of the college previously attended). They become a part of the student’s academic file and are not returned or copied for distribution.

If a course was transferred in to FIDM but the student enrolled in that class, once brought to the attention of the college, a grade of “W” will replace the grade earned and the transfer class stands. Students currently registered in a class for which the prerequisite course was waived, or equivalent units were transferred from another institution, must go to their Department Advisor (LA) or the Education Department (SF and OC) for approval to receive necessary books (if applicable) distributed in the prerequisite course through College Services. Corresponding supplies may be purchased.

FIDM also accepts students holding prior degrees for upper division transfer into selected programs. Check with an Admissions Advisor to confirm eligibility.

Advanced Placement (AP)

Students entering from high school may apply for college credit by taking examinations given by the Advanced Placement Program of the College Entrance Examination Board. Students who have taken any of these examinations should arrange to have the results forwarded to FIDM by the College Board if the AP score is not indicated on the official high school transcript. As determined by the FIDM, applicable credits will be awarded for AP scores of three (3) or higher and awarded credits may count toward general education requirements of the student’s intended major.

Credit Through Standardized Testing (CLEP and DANTES)

Students may earn college credit through College Level Examination Placement (CLEP) with a Score of 50 or higher, or Defense Activity for Non-Tradition Education Support (DANTES). Examinations must have been taken before the student has been granted A.A. or B.A./B.S. degree-seeking status at FIDM.

International Baccalaureate (IB)

FIDM awards academic credit for test scores of four (4) or higher on individual higher-level IB courses. Credit is awarded at the time of matriculation and is based on the scores earned on the IB examinations. All credit awarded will be recorded on the student's permanent record and will be included in the credit total toward degree requirements. Credit will be awarded for 100-and 200-level course work. Credits awarded may count toward general education requirements. Questions regarding IB credit equivalencies should be directed to the Chairperson of General Studies.

Military Credit

The American Council on Education (ACE) collaborates with the Department of Defense to review military training and experience and recommend appropriate college credit for members of the Armed Forces. ACE provides quality assurance and policy guidance for the Joint Services Transcript (JST) used by the Army, Marine Corps, Navy, and Coast Guard. FIDM will consider the guidelines set forth by ACE.

Transfer Credit from International Institutions

All applicants educated outside the U.S. are required to have their credentials evaluated by a recognized certification agency. These evaluations constitute non-binding advisory opinions only. FIDM makes all final determinations regarding course/grade/credit/GPA equivalencies, degree equivalencies, and the award of any transfer credit for coursework completed (as provided in FIDM's transfer credit evaluation).

Transfer Grade Policies

All transfer courses graded Pass/No Pass or Credit/No Credit are computed at neutral value, except in those cases where the specific grading symbol is identified by the source institution as equivalent to a grade less than C in which case it will be taken at face value.

All transfer course grades or symbols used to designate unsatisfactory, failing, or non-passing work at time of withdrawal such as UW, WU, or WF are evaluated as failing grades (F) unless otherwise defined by the source institution. FIDM only awards applicable course credit for courses taken at other institutions to which the student received a grade of "C-" or higher.