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Jessica Armstrong working on dress

Jessica Armstrong: Fashion Stylist and Founder of Closet Intuition

Jessica Armstrong’s journey from student to successful fashion stylist and founder of Closet Intuition validates her persistence, creativity, and transformative education provided by FIDM. As a graduate, she has been able to leverage well-scaled success with her creative business background.

During her time at FIDM, Jessica's experience was nothing short of diverse. School not only provided her with a solid foundation of knowledge but also opened her eyes to the vast opportunities that exist within the fashion industry. From trend forecasting to design and marketing, FIDM equipped her with the mindset and skills necessary to excel in the vast world of fashion.

One pivotal moment of Jessica's education was her involvement in a Fashion for Philanthropy program. This creative project not only showcased her design and construction skills but also introduced her to the world of styling. It was here where she realized that styling was what she wanted to pursue, allowing her to combine her love for fashion with her innate talent for curating unique and captivating looks.

As a freelance fashion stylist, Jessica faces the challenges of managing an unpredictable schedule and workload. However, she embraces these obstacles with good faith in her skills while maintaining an innate drive to deliver consistently exceptional results. Her ability to adapt to changing circumstances and stay ahead of industry trends has been instrumental in her success.

A defining point in Jessica's career came from a networking opportunity she leveraged during her studies, a field trip to Stella Starr, a small manufacturing company inspired by the authentic, vibrant, and driven energy of the young staff, Jessica set her sights on working there. After graduating, she turned her goal into reality and secured a position as an Assistant Fashion Designer. Although she ultimately discovered that designing was not her true calling, her time at the company provided notable insights into the fashion industry and honed her skills as a versatile professional.

The knowledge and skills gained at FIDM have remained pivotal in Jessica's ability to stay innovative, ahead of industry trends, and set her apart from the competition. To this day, she continues to immerse herself in the world of trendsetters, attends art exhibitions, and follows fashion publications.

FIDM's focus on creative thinking and entrepreneurship also played a crucial role in preparing Jessica to pursue her own ventures. Her career has been a rollercoaster ride, but her unwavering belief in her skills, creativity, and work ethic has propelled her forward.

For current students who aspire to achieve high levels of success in the industry, Jessica offers valuable advice. She encourages them to seize every opportunity that FIDM provides, whether it's participating in volunteer programs, securing internships, or attending alumni events. Each experience, no matter how small, can contribute to growth and help shape career trajectory. By embracing these opportunities, learning new skills, and connecting with industry professionals, students can pave their own path to success in such a dynamic world.

Jessica Armstrong's journey is a testament to the power of passion, talent, and perseverance. Her success story serves as a shining example for aspiring professionals within any niche of creative business, showcasing the possibilities that await those who dare to set big goals and pursue their passion.

Instagram: @jessicaarmstrong_style

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