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Denise Fleischer FIDM

Building Brands and Crafting Digital Strategy: Denise Fleischer's Success Story

FIDM graduate and content creator Denise Fleischer embodies the essence of entrepreneurialism in today's digital landscape. Hailing from Destin, Florida, her journey to Los Angeles was marked by exceptional achievements, culminating in her graduation with an A.A. in Merchandising & Marketing in 2021 and a B.S. in Business Management in 2023.

Denise's career highlights include roles at renowned companies such as GUESS? Inc., FIDM Fashion Club, and Cap Hill Brands. At GUESS, she worked as a social media intern and executed content creation for TikTok, showcasing her skills in styling and creative direction. Her work at FIDM Fashion Club focused on engaging prospective students through social media, covering a range of topics including the “Art of Costume Design” exhibition, an event with Katy Perry’s Firework Foundation, and insights on life at fashion school in Downtown Los Angeles. She has also devised social media strategies for more than 15 sub-brands of Cap Hill Brands, a successful startup company that focuses on baby clothing and products.

“It has been so special gaining experience in building a social media presence from scratch for a business like I have done for Cap Hill, as well as for a huge corporation like GUESS. Seeing both sides of the industry has been great, and I am excited to keep learning in the future,” says Denise.

On her personal TikTok account, @deniseeileennn, Denise has garnered over 100,000 followers and 10 million views since its launch in 2019. Blending humor, fashion, and personal anecdotes, she has cultivated a dedicated online community.

Denise attributes her success to the foundation laid by FIDM, where she honed skills in marketing, branding, and creative thinking. She relates, “As I learned in my marketing and business classes, this is a very fast-paced industry and trends are constantly evolving. Understanding what the current trends are, actively listening, and approaching each situation with a unique strategy are highly important. These factors all contributed to helping me stay innovative, especially when creating content for a business.”

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