Leslie Christen Interviewed in Orange Coast Magazine

Leslie Christen Interviewed in Orange Coast Magazine

Orange Coast magazine has a new Q&A with FIDM Graduate and top southern California stylist Leslie Christen in their new June issue. Here's an excerpt:

We hear the term personal style tossed around a lot. But how do you define it? 

I think it’s staying true to your personality. I’ve styled a lot of people who want to look a certain way, but 
it’s not who they are.

So then how do you help people uncover their own style? Is it like going on a journey to Oz and discovering that you had it all along but didn’t know it? 
Sometimes. I might go into someone’s wardrobe and see what they’re really wearing the most or liking. And I expand on that. Maybe they love prints. We work together to build a great foundation and then to add a pop of something fun—a bright shoe or an accessory.

What are some of the key pieces to have in your wardrobe right now? 
A leather jacket, a floral maxi dress, a kimono top, or a long duster to throw over jeans. A lot of women don’t like their butts or waist, and it’s a great way to camouflage those areas that you’re not as comfortable showing.

Read the entire interview here.

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