Danielle Ramchandani Launches Skin Care Brand DPR SKN

Danielle Ramchandani Launches Skin Care Brand DPR SKN

Join Alumna Danielle Ramchandani for the debut celebration of her skin care company DPR SKN and the rollout of her first product, the Clay Mask, this Saturday, July 7th at The Canyon House in Rancho Mission Viejo. Follow her on Instagram @dprskn for details. Danielle graduated in 2012 with her A.A. in Beauty Marketing and Product Development, and in 2014 with her B.S. in Business Management. We caught up with her to find out more.

Tell us about your brand: DPR SKN [pronounced deeper skin] is skin care that goes deeper. I built the brand from my passion of skin care, wellness, and helping others. DPR SKN is the journey of transforming your skin and body on a deeper level, which in turns gives you the self-confidence needed to share with those around you. Through quality products and insightful and simple skin care and wellness advice on The Journal, DPR SKN aims to uplift others to look and feel their best.
I created the signature product, the Clay Mask, to clear up my own skin. I was constantly breaking out, which greatly affected my self-confidence. I tried numerous products, prescriptions, antibiotics, you name it. Nothing gave me the results I was looking for. Most treatments and products dried out my skin, causing me to pick at the scabs, only making it worse. I have noticed consistent positive results when using the Clay Mask—it honestly works. The carefully formulated ingredients help to detoxify, calm, and hydrate the skin. The Clay Mask is a face mask and spot treatment duo. The Clay Mask formula goes on wet, and dries in a smooth powdery consistency that provides gentle exfoliation when washed off. It works great on ingrown hairs too!
I built DPR SKN from the ground up. My vision makes up all aspects of the company. I launched my website and signature product on June 21, 2018.

What inspired you to start your own business? I’ve always had an entrepreneurial mindset. From a young age, I dreamed of having my own business. I wanted to develop something that helps people to look and feel their best, while also giving back to the community to make a positive difference. Through DPR SKN I will be able to achieve both.

Tell us a little about yourself: I am 26 years old and live in southern Orange County. I attended the Orange County campus and commuted to the Los Angeles campus for three years. After attending high school, I attended community college briefly, but realized it was not for me. I switched gears and put all my focus on getting accepted into FIDM. I have worked in all different areas of the beauty industry including product development, retail, boutique spas, and marketing, but always knew I wanted to launch my own company. I love being outside at the beach, hiking, and watching a good sunset. I wanted to incorporate these qualities into my brand, to embody who I am and what I stand for.

How do you feel FIDM prepared you for what you are doing now? I feel FIDM tremendously prepared me for what I am doing now. I applied to FIDM and specifically the beauty industry program with the intent to develop a color cosmetics company, although I discovered my passion was skin care. Since I started at FIDM knowing I was creating my own company, I geared all my projects towards research and development for my company. From cosmetic chemistry classes to product development, package design and marketing, I really learned the step-by-step process of creating a product from concept to completion. When I told others that I’m starting my own skin care line at the beginning stages, they would always ask, “How do you even do that?” I simply answered those questions by stating, “I learned it at FIDM!”

Tell us what you love most about the beauty industry: It’s kind of funny because I don’t really wear makeup but my love for the beauty industry runs deep. I love how colors can totally transform how someone looks, creating a new level of confidence. For me, applying a bold lipstick color, some bronzer, and curling my eyelashes can make me feel like I can conquer anything. The right skin care and make-up routine can make a person exude beauty and confidence. I ultimately want to help others find their beauty within and confidently show it.

Any advice for current FIDM Students? Enjoy it! Your time at FIDM will fly by. Get involved in school activities, go out of your way to meet people, apply for internships and jobs. You have to invest in yourself and take action if you want to achieve results. If you have an idea or are passionate about something, get started on it now. Don’t wait for the perfect opportunity—just start and watch your creation grow!

What is your biggest goal right now? I’m a small start-up company, but I’ve got big plans for the future of DPR SKN. I am currently focused on building DPR SKN into a successful, well-known brand. I want to share DPR SKN and the Clay Mask with the world because I truly believe people will love it as much as I do. It is not easy, but I am learning to enjoy the journey, and hope others will appreciate the brand and the product, and join the journey as well.

Anything else you’d like to share? Always remember that there is room for everyone. Don’t compare yourself or ideas to another company or person. Stay true to who you are, work hard, and motivate yourself. If you have a dream, you are the only one who can make it come true. I’d love for you to check my brand out visit dprskn.com for more!

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