Business Management Grad Michelle Kohen Earns MBA

Business Management Grad Michelle Kohen Earns MBA

Michelle Kohen earned her MBA from University of Redlands in August, while working full time at JR286, a Nike licensee for sports accessories and equipment. She describes her education and career path for us. (Did you know that FIDM just launched an MBA program? Learn more.)

What were your FIDM majors?

I started with an AA in Merchandise Marketing, and stayed on to complete my BS in Business Management at FIDM.

Why did you decide to continue for the Bachelor's?

I enjoyed my first program so much I thought it would it would be a great idea to continue my studies with FIDM Faculty and Alumni.

How did your education enhance your career?

Every class related to real life situations where I now apply excel skills, presentation skills, and business applications in my role as Sales Operations Supervisor.

Tell us about your current position.

I currently supervise a sales operations team where we act as sales support for field reps under a Nike license company. My day-to-day consists of managing the go-to-market process by collaborating with product development, procurement, and customer service departments. We make sure that our sales team has everything they need—catalogs, samples, line plans, forecasting tools—to achieve our sales targets!

Any advice for current FIDM Students?

Take every opportunity you can get! Network and attend every event! Take advantage of being able to work or internship in your field while at school! It's important to understand a work life balance but also great to hit the ground running while in school. I've learned that balancing those things early on, really helps you succeed in your professional life later.

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