Alumna Profiled in Sacramento Magazine

Alumna Profiled in Sacramento Magazine

Multidisciplinary artist Esther Marie Hall, who studied Visual Communications at FIDM, is featured in the Conversation Starters section of Sacramento Magazine for her work with fiber and textiles. Born in Woodland, California, the FIDM Graduate grew up with a Southern grandmother who practiced traditional American crafts and also learned about native weaving techniques of maternal elders from her Filipino grandmother’s quilts. 

“The paternal side of my family is from Arkansas, and my mom is from the Philippines, and both sides of the family do a lot of craft,” Esther told the publication. “With my recent fabric work, I’m really looking to find a cohesive balance to include both sides of the family. So it’s me just searching.” Previously, she said her art was more abstract, with finely detailed line work that featured large, empty circles. Today, you’ll find designs inspired by happy faces, colorful sticker sheets, and perky flowers. 

Esther uses her work to shed light on issues she cares about, such as the environment, human rights, and mental health. “It’s a more approachable way to talk about things that are a little bit heavier, or for people who don’t know how to approach a conversation,” she said. “I like to use this bright and playful idea [on the face of it], but then when you really look at my work, I typically use it to speak about heavier issues, like global warming. I’m trying to have that conversation with the viewer, or at least get them to think about it.”

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