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FIDM Grad Krash Pavic standing outside in front of a brick building, looking off into the distance

Recent Grad Krash Pavic is Director of Digital Marketing at Architectural Firm in Miami

Born and raised in downtown Chicago, Illinois, Krash Pavic attended Ogden International High School of Chicago before moving to Los Angeles at the age of 17 to pursue his Associates of Arts Degree in Merchandising & Marketing and Bachelor of Arts Degree in Digital Marketing at FIDM. "Being from such a big city really allowed me to surround myself with so many people, which taught me from a young age about the importance of different perspectives and open-mindedness," he said. "This has been incredibly useful in my professional position." He graduated in March of this year and is already working as Director of Digital Marketing at Advantage Development Group, an architectural firm based in Miami, Florida. We caught up with him to learn more.

Tell us about your new position: I am responsible for overseeing the promotion and advertising efforts in order to drive sales and increase brand awareness. I lead the marketing team with the development and implementation of marketing strategies and I make sure that the projects are done efficiently and on-budget.

How did you learn about the opportunity? Through a network connection I made while living in LA! During my time at FIDM, I worked as a content creator for two influencers, which gave me hands-on experience in the social media world and opened the door to hundreds of different individuals in different industries. 

What set you apart from other candidates? What sets me apart from other candidates is authenticity. I know it sounds cliche, but it’s true. Be yourself. You’ve made it this far doing exactly that, and you will be much happier continuing to do so. There are so many people trying to be something they’re not; it is much more refreshing to see an authentic and kind individual.

How did FIDM help prepare you for your career? My entire experience at FIDM aided me for my professional career; it really gave me perspective as to what the marketing industry is like in real life. Small classes and having instructors with industry knowledge gave me the opportunity to ask as many questions as possible in order to fully grasp the material being taught. To this day, I look back at past assignments and stay in touch with instructors, which I will continue to do throughout my career.

Anything else you’d like to share? The biggest piece of advice I could give someone looking to break into the digital marketing industry is to network. Living in LA can get tough, and you will come across many different people but my recommendation is that you always introduce and communicate with a smile on your face. Be kind, open-minded, lead with your heart, and take a chance! If you don’t take a chance, you’ll never know what could’ve been. Remember, the only way to get better is to try.

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