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Ryan Corrigan Portrait

Outstanding Faculty Award Winner - Ryan Corrigan

Ryan Corrigan graduated from the University of Massachusetts Amherst with a BA in Communications and a focus on Film Studies. He has worked in Los Angeles in all corners of the film industry, notably serving as a staff writer on the Yahoo! web series Ghost Ghirls and working as an editor for Adam McKay’s Yellow Dot Studios.

Do you currently work in the industry?
I currently work in the film industry on a freelance basis, most recently serving as a video editor for Adam McKay's Yellow Dot Studios, a non-profit production house that seeks to spread awareness of the existential dangers of climate change through satire. Right up my alley! And when the WGA isn't striking, I'm usually trying to find work as a screenwriter or peddle my scripts around town. Both of these avenues provide me with plenty of experiences that I apply to teaching. As an editor, I'm constantly in touch with the same editing programs that my students use, and as a writer, I'm obsessively focused on the importance of story in crafting quality content, no matter the platform. Movies, novels, TikTok — the format is inconsequential. A good story captivates the viewer every time. 

Do you have a particular style or philosophy about teaching?

My personal teaching philosophy is to keep it fun. I find that students are most thoroughly engaged when the class is entertaining, so we watch a lot of movie clips to illustrate the filmmaking principles we're discussing. My students also get to make a lot of videos of their own throughout the quarter, because when it comes down to it, nothing is as fun as getting your hands on your equipment and making something brand new with your friends.  

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