Incoming Student Heather Harpole Gets An Inside Look at FIDM in Video Chat With Grad Jordan Specht

Incoming Student Heather Harpole Gets An Inside Look at FIDM in Video Chat With Grad Jordan Specht

Grads and students often describe the FIDM community as a family, and in the past few weeks this has manifested itself in beautiful new ways. As they study and work from home, they are building closer and closer bonds with one another, and giving back. Many are making masks for the medical community. Our SVA President Amanda Vazquez is making masks for FIDM staff. And some grads are giving back by welcoming new students to FIDM via one-on-one video chats. We asked incoming student Heather Harpole to tell us about her meeting with grad Jordan Specht this week, and this is what she has to say.


My name is Heather Harpole and I am going to be a Digital Marketing freshman at FIDM starting in July. I am from Little Rock, Arkansas, and I recently had a Zoom meeting with a graduate, Jordan Specht, to discuss her experience at FIDM. On our call, Jordan explained her decision to major in Digital Marketing at FIDM. To begin, she told me her background story, which helped me to learn more about the type of students who attend FIDM. 

As a senior in high school from Orange County, Jordan toured FIDM and started in Fall 2016. Following this, I asked her if there were many out-of-state students. She proceeded to tell me that she met students from states throughout the U.S. and other countries. This reassured me that I would be able to meet a wide variety of students coming from different backgrounds. 

Jordan revealed to me that one of the things almost every FIDM Student would agree with is that if they chose any school besides FIDM, they would not thrive nearly as well. 

Then, Jordan provided me with some information about the FIDM curriculum and the Digital Marketing department. 

Jordan raved about the director, Tom Henkenius. She did not sugarcoat how challenging the classes are. The rigorous curriculum helps each student to grow and mature in order to have thick skin in the industry. 

Along with discussing the technicals of the Digital Marketing degree, she discussed her experience with social life. Jordan commuted to FIDM from Orange County for class, but she went ahead and informed me that her friends enjoyed living at The Met, meeting students from surrounding colleges, and exploring LA on the weekends. 

During her junior year at FIDM, Jordan visited the FIDM Career Center to find an internship closer to home. Within a few hours, she received a job offer from a growing beauty products line, Dominique Cosmetics. She currently accompanies photographers on shoots, runs their Instagram, creates TikToks, and makes plans for the company. In the future, Jordan hopes to start her own customized T-shirt company or work in marketing for Taco Bell, headquartered in Irvine. To conclude our call, she let me ask any final questions I had about FIDM. 

Overall, I would recommend every incoming student to schedule a Zoom call with a grad because it gives the student a first-hand account of what their future will look like at FIDM. Additionally, this allowed me to ask any questions about the social experience at FIDM and gain insight on FIDM’s academics from a student. 

Jordan also provided me with some knowledge on specific classes. 

I am thankful that this opportunity has resulted in a great contact for when I have any questions about classes and applying for an internship. I am looking forward to meeting Jordan and the rest of the FIDM faculty soon!

Keep up with Jordan Sprecht and Heather Harpole on Instagram @just_jordy___ and @heather_harpole.

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