Beauty Industry Management Grad Working at BH Cosmetics

Beauty Industry Management Grad Working at BH Cosmetics

In 2016, Newport Beach, California native Shelby Maynard graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Professional Studies with a specialization in Beauty Industry Management. Today, she's living in Los Angeles and working as a Product Development Assistant for BH Cosmetics.

"My days are never the same; most of my job requires me to produce new ideas and products for the upcoming year," Shelby says. "It depends on what type of item it is, but most projects start out with an idea and a lot of Pantone chips." While it can be a challenge dealing with "nine different Excel documents and an inbox of 55 emails," Shelby says that her job is rewarding. 

"I am able to search for some of the products I have created and they have articles written about them in Allure magazine," she says. "I can walk into Ulta and look at the BH Cosmetics display and my project that took me eight months to a year to create is on the shelf and anyone can purchase it. That is by far my favorite part of my job." Shelby credits the Beauty Industry Management Program with helping her narrow down exactly what she wanted to do in the industry. "Being that the classes are so specific and more detailed, it really helps to understand each aspect of each possible career. I can say now that I know what careers I would be interested in pursuing in the future along with jobs I know are not for me," she adds.   

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