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A portrait of Eilleen Huah in front of green outdoor space

Grad's FIDM Degree Opened Doors to Different Industries

Eileen Huah was born in Pennsylvania and raised in Northeast Ohio where she developed a passion for fashion, beauty, and art. “Growing up in a stereotypical Asian family, I felt pressured to pursue a traditional path of becoming an engineer, doctor, or lawyer,” said Eileen, who blazed her own trail by studying Economics and Textiles & Clothing at The Ohio State University and working in the fashion industry. After being encouraged to further her education at FIDM by an area manager at Guess, Eileen entered FIDM’s Merchandise Product Development program and graduated in 2005. She later received a MBA from Pepperdine University and has worked in design, merchandising, production/sourcing, intellectual property law, and now luxury automotive. We caught up with her to learn more. 

How did you decide on FIDM? Vera Wang will always be my inspiration because not only can I identify myself with her as an Asian American businesswoman and figure skater, but she has paved the way for future Asian American women leaders in licensing, business, and design. Post-graduation, I launched my career in the fashion industry as a store manager for Guess, Inc. An area manager took interest in my career and suggested I further my education at FIDM. FIDM helped to further shape me through personal attention which is offered to each student.

How has FIDM opened doors for you professionally? FIDM's Career Center connected me with an alumni of FIDM who helped me find a design internship with Richard Tyler in Los Angeles. Upon graduating from FIDM, I found my first corporate full-time position through FIDM’s Career Center as an Assistant Designer at JCPenney Headquarters Office in Plano, Texas. FIDM continuously opens doors for me professionally through networking and leadership opportunities.

You've worked in design, merchandising, production/sourcing, IP law, and now luxury automotive. How did your FIDM degree prepare you for different industries? When people look at FIDM, the expectation is that a graduate might be pigeonholed into the fashion industry. My experience has been the opposite. My FIDM degree has proven to be versatile, providing me the ability to pivot my career to meet the demands of my unique skills and the current job market. Merchandise Product Development encompasses, design, technical design, production/sourcing, business marketing, operations, and compliance.

In 2019, I accepted a position at Genesis Motor North America where I’ve had the opportunity to create, implement, and manage customer experience programs. In my current role as the Assistant Manager for Genesis Owner Marketing, I collaborate with digital business, IT, marketing, engineering, Genesis Korea, legal, and various vendors to champion and create branded B2C owner marketing communication programs for Genesis retailers and owner education content. My degree from FIDM has set me apart and has given me unique skills to contribute to many different industries.

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