Transfer Student is a TikTok Social Media Intern at Peace Out Skincare

Transfer Student is a TikTok Social Media Intern at Peace Out Skincare

Born and raised in Taipei, Taiwan, Merchandising & Marketing Student Jennifer Hsu was raised in an artistic and creative environment as her mother was a pianist and painter. “I was exposed to all types of music, arts, and fashion,” says Jennifer, who earned a BA in Journalism from Shih Hsin University and worked as a Contributing Editor at Cosmopolitan Magazine in Taiwan and as a PR Executive for Sisley Paris. “I remember my mom used to encourage me to do my own fashion DIYs; I’ve always known I’d end up going into the fashion or beauty industry when I grew up.” Jennifer is currently a TikTok Social Media Intern at Peace Out Skincare, an opportunity she found via FIDM’s Career Network. We recently chatted with the International Student to learn more about her internship and life in Los Angeles. 

What was your path to FIDM? I initially moved to Los Angeles to get my Master’s degree in Global Business at Pepperdine University, but I quickly realized the theoretical aspect of the program was not for me at all, so I immediately dropped out after a week of attending. Don’t get me wrong, Pepperdine was amazing, but I realized if I was going to invest my time and energy into a professional degree, I want to gain a more hands-on experience with a practical approach, so I’d be able to connect with the real world post-graduation. That’s why I transferred to FIDM right away, and that was the best decision I’ve ever made! I absolutely love how FIDM students talk the same industry language and we’re always inspiring and supporting each other. Since I already have a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism, FIDM’s Professional Designation degree was perfect for me. I would also consider the MBA program after graduating from my current program.

How has the shift to online learning been for you as a FIDM Student during Covid? My classes went purely online in my third quarter due to Covid-19, and happened to become a little bit more serious and required a lot of long hours. I did have a hard time adjusting myself to online classes at first since I’m quite a slow reader. I wrote an email to my academic advisors who were super helpful. Department Chairperson Eva Gilbert and I discussed what would work best for me, and she asked about my goals and interests and suggested a couple of courses from other majors that provide Zoom classes and could be aligned with my vision. I am very grateful for how things changed for me and how the school was more than happy to help! 

Tell us about your role as a TikTok Social Media Intern at Peace Out Skincare: What I do at my internship is what you’d imagine: TikTok content creation, influencer seeding, TikTok trend research, keeping up with the social media calendar, and customer care (replying to comments in a timely manner). I love how the team is very open to listening to my suggestions and they let me be creative, but also provide me guidance when I need it. The biggest challenge for me in this role is to learn how TikTok works and pay attention to fans’ preferences and reactions. I’m aiming to create something that will go viral, but I’m still trying to figure out what works on this platform and what doesn’t work.

Did FIDM help you get this internship? Yes, I was very lucky to have found this internship opportunity through the FIDM Career Network. I submitted my resume through the portal and my now-manager, Lara, reached out to me a few days after to arrange a Zoom meeting. I also did a 30-second TikTok entry project, and the rest was history. I am indeed very lucky and grateful for stumbling onto this opportunity!

What are your ultimate career goals for the future? Entrepreneurship for sure! I’ve always wanted to start my own home décor/lifestyle brand, especially nowadays when people are staying in more than ever. We are more aware of our mental health, self-care, and wellness, and I really want to create a brand that’s going to make my customers feel comfy, cozy, and relaxed using my products. Hopefully, one day I can make a living off the brand I created, and to thrive and shine on my own.

Anything else you’d like to share? I feel like my real-world experience really helped elevate my studies at FIDM. Since the school is on a quarter system, it can get really hectic and overwhelming because of how fast-paced it is, and having my previous working experience really helped me with learning and connecting with my instructors on a deeper level. So to anyone who wants to step into the fashion industry, I really recommend them to apply for FIDM’s AA Professional Designation program.

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