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Photo of Curren Rashi in front of pale background in light trousers modeling

Student Spotlight: Entrepreneur & Model Curren Rashi Finds Community at FIDM

Merchandising & Marketing student Curren Rashi attended three colleges before transferring to FIDM. After graduating from Ventura High School in Ventura, California, he attended Santa Barbara City College, Ventura College, and Moorpark College prior to his Fall 2021 transfer. With a planned graduation in Spring 2023, it seems safe to say he’s finally found the perfect fit. His goal is to build out his brand SPLITT into a lifestyle brand/agency that can inspire others and make creatives feel understood. We caught up with him to learn more. 

Why did you choose FIDM? I chose FIDM because I wanted to base myself in a community that held a specialized network of on-brand people that identified with my goals and dreams.
What’s an important lesson you have learned at FIDM? Making it a focus to connect with peers who share similar tastes, qualities, and goals as me, as well as ones who balance me out, has been as important as anything I have learned.
You’re working on a number of projects while in school. Please tell us about them! The most fulfilling project I have worked on at FIDM was building an agency in Entrepreneurship. The process was thorough and the outcome was satisfying. The whole idea and business holds a lot of depth, diversity, and strength that lacks in the agency space.
Any internships or other class activities that stand out for you? The Career Center has been instrumental to my success. Their genuine interest, knowledge, and connections have been an amazing platform to utilize.
Anything else you’d like to add? Because of FIDM, I’ve been blessed to work in and learn the worlds of Public Relations and Modeling, but FIDM has also given me so much clarity to realistically reach the heights I want to with my brand, SPLITT. While I have all the framework for the brand set and successfully initiated a trickle launch through 2020, I wanted to take a step back and improve the quality of all fashion and music that exists under it. Essentially, my lifelong mission is to build out SPLITT into a lifestyle brand/agency that can inspire others and make creatives feel understood. 

Check Curren out on Instagram @currenrashi.

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