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Grad is Senior Brand Marketing Manager at ModCloth

Grad is Senior Brand Marketing Manager at ModCloth

Merchandising & Marketing Graduate Emily Silber began taking dance classes at the age of two and always had a passion and interest in the arts. “I knew that creativity and performing was something that was deeply rooted in my DNA,” says Emily, who prior to moving to Los Angeles, appeared on the second season of MTV’s Taking the Stage, a musical reality show set at the School for Creative and Performing Arts in Cincinnati, Ohio. We chatted with the current LA resident to learn more about her unique path to FIDM, valuable lessons learned while in college, and her exciting role as the Senior Brand Marketing Manager at ModCloth.

How was the experience of appearing on MTV's Taking the Stage? It was an extremely eye-opening experience for me. It gave me a look inside the entertainment industry and motivated me to move to Los Angeles and continue to follow my passion. Following the show, I moved to LA and danced in a professional contemporary dance company. Being in front of cameras forced me to step outside of my comfort zone and ultimately played a large role in having the courage and confidence to pursue my dreams once the show wrapped. 

What was your path to FIDM like? Fashion has always been a personal interest of mine, and as I came to the point in life where I wanted to pursue a different career path, FIDM felt like a natural transition. I knew it was a school that valued creativity and specialized in targeted areas of learning which was what I was looking for. I attended the Downtown LA campus and graduated in 2014. 

What were some of the most valuable lessons you learned at FIDM? I believe FIDM was a great gateway into the fashion industry. I was fortunate enough to take on a number of internship opportunities that gave me firsthand experiences. I also think having professors who are directly linked and actively working in the industry gives students a great perspective on what to expect post-college. 

Did FIDM help place you in any internships or jobs? Many of my internships during college were directly linked to FIDM. Using the guidance and resources FIDM provided landed me with two of my college internships. Also, the introduction of recruiting agencies that FIDM provided landed me my first job post-college.

Tell us about your career journey at ModCloth: I have been with ModCloth for nearly a year and half. Prior to my time at ModCloth, I worked in house on the PR team at bebe and then as an account executive at a boutique PR agency. I joined the ModCloth team as Senior Public Relations Manager and have since shifted to take on the role of Senior Brand Marketing Manager. 

What are your day-to-day responsibilities in your new role? As the Senior Brand Marketing Manager at ModCloth, I manage the brand marketing team and work to concept and bring to life brand partnerships as well as oversee PR, influencer strategy, and social media. My responsibilities revolve around adapting our marketing initiatives to cater to our target audience to increase brand awareness and affinity. Daily projects include market and competitive research, looking for and identifying brand partnerships and collaborations, creating a streamlined influencer program, and positioning and sharing our overall brand marketing messages to customers and press. 

What advice would you share with students and grads who are facing an unprecedented pandemic and challenging job market? I think the job market is extremely difficult given the current state of the retail industry, but my advice would be to stay driven and focused and make sure you are open to trying new things. Many brands are shifting their marketing strategies and responsibilities right now to fit the current state of the world so being nimble and willing to put in the work to help guide companies during this time is the key to success.

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