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Photo of Paris Jackson wearing black t shirt, black glasses with straight black hair in her selfie studio

Grad Paris Jackson Opens Selfie Studio In Fresno

Need a place to take the perfect selfie? Merchandising & Marketing Grad Paris Jackson has you covered. She recently opened Fresno’s first selfie studio. Featuring more than 20 unique backdrops, Selfie Land Fresno provides users with multiple opportunities to take the pics needed for their projects. 

Speaking to KSFN about Selfie Land Fresno, Jackson said “I wanted to have a place where content creators could come, business owners could come to have a place to film content, have a place to feel comfortable, let loose. There's so many different rooms, you could literally jump in and out of character in each room.”

Check out Selfie Land Fresno at www.selfielandfresno.com and on Instagram @selfielandfresno.


Categories:  Merchandising & Marketing Alumni