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Photo of Michel and Kadrdn side by side with short hair and crewneck shirts with beige jackets on top

Student Spotlight: Mother/Daughter Duo Enroll in Menswear Program

Kadrdn and Michel moved to Los Angeles from Sri Lanka just 5 years ago. Michel finished high school at Pasadena High, while mom Kardrdn, who had studied Business Law and Accounting years ago, kept an eye on the administration side of her husband’s computerized embroidery business while primarily raising her kids. Michel, who had always been crafty and interested in design, wanted to follow her father into the fashion industry, and honed in on FIDM as the best way to get her education. While helping her get her paperwork filled out, both Michel and Kadrdn’s husband suggested Kadrdn join her.

Over the past 5 years, they’ve each completed an A.A. in Fashion Design, a B.A. in Design, and are now signed up to complete the Advanced Study Program in Menswear in Spring 2023. We checked in with this dynamic duo to learn more. 

Why did you choose FIDM? Honestly speaking, we’ve heard a lot of stories about FIDM and how extensive and limitless their levels of creativity can be towards their students, and speaking out of our personal experience, we cannot say otherwise. We believe that actually stepping onto campus during Open House, talking with our advisors Joanne and David, and listening to the alumni stories and successes they’ve told us, helped us decide how FIDM could be ideal for us.
What’s an important lesson you’ve each learned at FIDM? Kadrdn: One huge lesson I’ve learned about attending FIDM is how everyone can do anything. Like I mentioned, I was a strong math person, but through talented instructors I feel that they were able to get my hidden talents out, a creative side which I never knew had existed, and I am very grateful for that. Another huge lesson that I cannot avoid mentioning is how no one really cares about your age here at FIDM. I don’t necessarily tell anyone how Michel and I are related at first, but when students find out that I’m Michel’s mother, they compliment me. That makes me feel motivated, supported, and loved here at FIDM.
Michel: A lesson I’ve learned at FIDM is to “go with the flow.” I’ve experienced that if we’re passionate and determined with what we do, there will always be a reward that leads to the better, so instead of worrying what the next phase in life should be, just being open for opportunity and being experimental have greatly benefited the two of us.
Do you have future plans for your education? We realize that going with the flow is ideal for us, since just as we thought we’d be done with school after obtaining our B.A.s, an opportunity for us to do Menswear arose and that will keep us occupied for the next 9 months.
Any internships or other class activities that stand out for you? We’ve never been able to take any internships as we’ve been completely occupied with school work but whenever we have some time to spare, we go participate in certain sustainable classes which FIDM offers.
Keep up with Kardrdn and Michel on Instagram @michelfrndo @kadrdnfernando.

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