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Christine sits at desk with her feet in combat boots up on the desk. She has a small grin on her face and is in front of a large window.

Grad Christine Vroom Runs Successful Interior Design Firm

Christine Vroom started designing early. “I actually had been working for a designer since I was 16 years old and through college, and then decided I wanted to start my own firm.” She spent her early years in Boston and then moved to Redondo, CA where she attended South High School in Torrance. She sought her A.A. in Interior Design at FIDM, graduating in 2008, and opened her own company, where she’s been thriving ever since. We caught up with Christine to learn more. 

Please tell us about your company, Christine Vroom Interiors. How long have you been in business? What kinds of designs do you do? I started my business in 2008 upon graduation. I started with small projects and consulting on paint colors and furniture selections and then it gradually snowballed into a full force design firm doing luxury residential new builds, large scale remodels, restaurants, and full furnishing.  
What are your favorite designs to work on? I love all of what I do. Definitely new builds bring me the most joy and make me feel most like I'm in my element. It's a clean process, the design unfolds very fluidly and the end product is so satisfying. About the same if not slightly more than the love I have for new builds is for restaurants. Hands down this is the most creative experience. There is a budget, a vision, a culinary experience they are creating and then typically they have full trust in me to come up with a complete story for their restaurant. That experience is what designers live for.
What are your ultimate goals for your business? My ultimate goals are to be able to continue to do what I love but grow wider and broader in terms of project location so it's more nationwide rather than predominantly Los Angeles. I would love to acquire more restaurants for our portfolio as well as get into more product design, having lines of design materials. I'm currently working on a tile collection and will, in the near future, work on a couple wallpaper lines to pitch out.
How did FIDM help prepare you for your career? At FIDM I felt like I had the most well- rounded experience of what I would soon learn in the real world. I felt prepared in all aspects from hand sketching, to Autocad to presentations to the professional process and everything in between. It was all well covered, well taught and I truly enjoyed myself there. If I had the time I would go back simply for fun and extended education. I hope to be able to give back one day to FIDM and be a resource for their design students.
Anything else you’d like to share? I just wanted to note how much I loved being a part of the FIDM community and having a school that truly prepared me for my career. I also greatly thought that the learning was tailored for a creative type. It was fun and expressive and engaging and really made an impact on me. I'm proud to be a designer with a degree in today’s industry and am proud to have gone to a school that supported my creativity so much.
Check out Christine’s work on Instagram @christinevroominteriors.

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