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FIDM Grad Nima Neemz Nakhshab wearing a suit and tie outside

Universal Pictures Hires Grad To Design Posters Celebrating Iconic Steven Spielberg Films

In the ten years that Trabuco Hills High School and FIDM Graphic Design Grad Nima Neemz Nakhshab has been working in the industry, he's designed official art for entertainment giants including Machine Gun Kelly, Camilla Cabello, Lil Nas X, and Kesha. Most recently Universal Pictures hired him to design posters celebrating four iconic Steven Spielberg films—Jurassic Park, E.T., Back To The Future, and JAWS—currently being featured in an interactive experience at Praia de Belas in Brazil. We chatted with Nima about his FIDM journey and his exciting work.

Steven Spielberg poster celebrating 4 iconic films

Tell us about the movie posters you created celebrating four iconic Steven Spielberg films: I had the incredible opportunity to work on a campaign called 'Welcome To Extraordinary' for Universal Pictures celebrating Jurassic Park, E.T., JAWS, and Back To The Future. Universal has a beautiful campaign for the celebration and brought me in to create four posters for each film and one poster with all four films tied together! 

What did it feel like to work on it and how does it feel now that you’re seeing it in the interactive experience at Praia de Belas? It was all sort of surreal. 2020 was a year a lot of people were out of work and I was EXTREMELY fortunate to work on such a huge project with the incredible team at Universal Pictures during such a crazy time in the world. I watched all the films again (for the 1000th time) to help inspire the art. These four films are so important to so many people so I was a bit nervous making new posters for each! 

It's so exciting to see the art being printed on various products and seeing it up at Praia de Belas. I think Praia de Belas is a very large shopping and entertainment destination in Brazil, so it's exciting that so many people in that country are able to visit the interactive experience. I love checking the location tag in Instagram for that center and seeing everyones photos with the pop experience. 

How did FIDM help prepare you for your career? My experience at FIDM was so much fun. I think my portfolio class was the class that truly prepared me for my career. I just remember it had all the same steps I go through everyday with my career. Critiques, many rounds, and seeing the final results being strong because you pay attention to so many details during the process. I remember FIDM was a huge shift from high school. Everything seemed so much grander and important. Some projects were hard but all were very fulfilling and helped me be the designed and thinker I am today. The students were also really amazing to meet and collaborate with. Everyone was so different and it was amazing to meet so many unique, talented and smart people. I am still in contact with most of the Graphic Design friends I made at FIDM!

Is there anything else you'd like to share? I think one bit of advice I'd give anyone graduating FIDM is that it's ALL about who you know. No, you don't need to be related to anyone important... but it is SO important to network and be surrounded by the people who can help launch you into what you want to do. I had to work really hard to get where I'm at and I was very patient. I never in my wildest dreams thought I'd design official art for Machine Gun Kelly, Camilla Cabello, Lil Nas X, Blink 182, Kesha and more! It took me almost 10 years after graduating FIDM to be exactly where I wanted to be and I'm still working towards more exciting things!

Follow Nima Neemz Nakhshab on Instagram @themovieposterguy.

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