Grad Launches Marisol Diaz Boutique

Grad Launches Marisol Diaz Boutique

Growing up in Miami, Florida, Marísol Díaz’s creativity developed as a young child. By the age of six, she had learned to sew. At eight, she tore up her dad’s discarded jeans to make coin purses she decorated with jewels and paint and made clothes for her Bratz dolls with her grandmother. By junior year of high school, Marísol was researching fashion schools and came across FIDM’s Junior Advantage Program and decided to apply early. She moved to Los Angeles at 17 with a determined spirit and studied Fashion Design. Last month, the 2020 graduate founded her own business, Marisol Diaz Boutique, an online women’s retail shop, and this summer she’ll debut her own original designs for a collection inspired by her Latin roots. We chatted with her to learn more. 

What was your path to FIDM? At the time, I only had two high school credits left to complete before I could graduate. I had just submitted my application to FIDM and I somehow convinced my parents to let me move in with my sister in Los Angeles that same summer while I was still just 17 years old. I hadn’t actually been accepted into FIDM, nor had I graduated high school yet, but I quit my job and bought a one-way ticket to LA anyways. 

I was set to move from Miami in the following six weeks and thankfully my manifestations paid off and I got accepted into FIDM! Once I was already living in LA, I took it upon myself to get my high school diploma, the last step before I could start college. Unfortunately, my high school transcripts arrived two days late to start at FIDM during the Fall quarter, so I started during the Winter quarter and the rest is history!

What were some of the most valuable lessons you learned at FIDM? To absorb everything. Absorb advice from those with more experience than us. Absorb the history of your craft. Absorb creative energy from the things that inspire you. I also learned to create for the moment, but always think of the future.

Tell us about founding Marisol Diaz Boutique: Since I was a little girl, I’ve always known I wanted to have my own clothing brand under my name, but it always seemed like a dream that was so far away. During the pandemic in 2020, I had started a small Instagram shop called Made From Sol where I sold reworks and face masks. I was starting to gain lots of customers through my shop and the name was starting to grow, but I knew that I didn’t want to be known for Made From Sol, yet I still felt like I wasn’t ready to start my personal brand. At some point I just came to the realization that with that mentality, I was never going to be ready. So I took the leap. Now I am much happier with the work that I’m putting out, while also getting my name out there as a fashion designer. 

How would you describe your aesthetic in terms of what you buy for your shop? I would describe my shop’s aesthetic to be bold and feminine. I love sourcing and designing garments that make a statement by accentuating the body’s natural curves.

What are you carrying for Spring/Summer that you're excited about? I’m dropping a Summer collection in the next couple of months that I’m extremely excited for. It’s very reflective of my Latin roots and growing up in Miami. 

What do you enjoy most about entrepreneurship and why? I love that I have free range to create without having to get approval from anyone. I also enjoy that even though I work on my own time, I’m always busy with new projects and improving my company.

Anything else you'd like to share? I would just like to thank FIDM and my professors for teaching me everything I know about the fashion industry. Without you guys I would have never felt as prepared as I did to start my own business so young. 

Learn more at and on Instagram @marisoldiazboutique and @solesitodiazz.

Marísol recently took over FIDM’s Instagram Stories to share more about her journey.  

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