Grad is Director of Digital Marketing at The CW Network

Grad is Director of Digital Marketing at The CW Network

Carson, California native Marielle Pasco arrived at FIDM in 2012 to study Digital Media. After receiving an Associate of Arts degree, she rounded out her creative education with a second FIDM degree, a B.S. in Business Management. “I always knew I wanted to work at a major company and felt that having my Bachelor's degree would make me more versatile and well-versed in the industry,” she said. Since graduating from FIDM in 2014, Marielle has gone from Digital Media Intern at Warner Bros. to the Director of Digital Marketing at The CW Network. We recently chatted with her to learn more about her role, how FIDM prepared her for success, and the career advice she would share with students and graduates. 

Tell us about your career journey: I've been working at Warner Bros./The CW Network for almost nine years now. When I first started, my goal was to get into the on-air department to become a video editor. Now looking back, I am so fortunate and glad I opened myself up to different opportunities in the digital space. Working in digital has not only allowed me to use my creative skills in graphic design, video editing, and motion graphics, but I've also been given the opportunity to be involved in marketing early on as well. Early on, I started off creating digital marketing content for all the shows and now I oversee the team that does that! 

What does your current position entail? I manage the digital marketing strategy for all The CW shows, including Riverdale, All American, The Flash, and Batwoman, that are available for streaming on The CW's free app. I oversee the team responsible for creating and managing all the content on social media. I also work with the cast from our shows to make sure they are fully equipped to promote the shows properly on their own channels, whether it's getting them the content they need or coordinating participation from them on social. My job is to make sure we are maintaining our brand presence through all the creative content we use and that we are sticking to our marketing initiatives. 

How has Covid-19 affected your company? How are you doing things differently in light of the pandemic? We have transitioned to working from home until further notice. We've adapted quickly and are fortunate we are able to do so. Since most of our shows had to wrap up production, we had to end the season early and are now promoting most of our shows on our summer slate. We're continuing to look for new ways to keep our audiences engaged and remind them that their favorite shows will be back soon. 

How do you feel FIDM prepared you for success? You really need to put in the work to move up and achieve success – everyone has to start somewhere! Because of FIDM's rigorous program with so many hands-on projects, I learned the importance of accountability and time management early on. 

What advice would you share with current students or recent grads? Stay passionate and be open to any opportunities that may come your way because you never know where it could lead you to! This industry is constantly evolving, so always be willing to learn something new to keep up!

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