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Two portraits of FIDM Graduate and Influencer Taylor King

Grad and Influencer Taylor King Featured in NY Post

Hailing from Bloomington, Indiana, where she attended Bloomington High School South, Taylor King came to FIDM in 2015, and later graduated in 2019 with a B.A. in Digital Cinema. Taylor, who was a Social Ambassador for FIDM while she was in college, has 123,000 followers on both YouTube and Instagram. She was recently featured in the New York Post where she shared her favorite beauty, lifestyle, and fashion products. 

The publication delved into Taylor’s background as an intern for CBS and working for YouTube star Alisha Marie. She’s known for her Instagram “juicy polls,” which evolved into a podcast of the same name and TK's Juicy Vlogs on YouTube. “The mission of my channel is to make someone laugh and to motivate them. I want to make someone get out of bed and conquer their day,” Taylor, 24, told The Post.

Taylor said working for Alisha gave her confidence in herself and her work. “It was nerve-wracking because I knew people were going to be watching my videos, but since I was filming for her, I had the experience under my belt,” she said. When quarantine hit, Taylor took her content to the next level, and fans quickly responded. “I was a cheerleader growing up and grew up in a sports-oriented family so I’ve always been in the grinding, lets-get-that-bread environment,” she said. 

Learn more on Instagram @tksjuicypolls.

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