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A headshot of FIDM Grad Jonathan Gitlin smiling against a blue wall

Grad Jonathan Gitlin Make Diversity and Inclusion a Priority at Create

Los Angeles-based Create Advertising's cultural council — Create Better — encourages their team to share personal interests and ideas with President Jonathan Gitlin, a graduate of FIDM’s Digital Media program, to create impact both inside and outside of the agency.

“If everybody feels like they’re being heard and everybody feels connected with, then they’re able to listen to one another and see eye to eye,” Gitlin said. “When they are invested in the company and the brand, and they feel like they can make a difference, that’s ultimately when we do our best work.” 

Create Better has evolved into more than an internal forum. Consisting of eight to 10 employees representing diverse backgrounds, these members act as ambassadors for their departments and represent a cross-section of roles and experience levels. A commitment to outside interests is not only encouraged, but is a fundamental component of Create Better.

“We want our colleagues to bring the full spectrum of who they are as human beings to work, not just their professional persona. That’s where true passion and unbridled creativity comes from,” Gitlin said. “Of course we work hard. But if work is the only thing we give ourselves to, we risk losing the dimensionality and complexities that make what we have to share with others interesting and unique.”

Create Better projects have included a new graphics package and event trailer to support LatinX in Gaming’s virtual event, Unidos; partnering with director Kyra Jones to produce a trailer for her racial justice film, Go to the Body; and creating a trailer for the documentary, Waiting to Explode, about the undetonated bombs hidden throughout Laos. 

Learn more online at CreateAdvertising.com

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