FIDM Featured in Teen Vogue

FIDM Featured in Teen Vogue

FIDM is highlighted in a Teen Vogue article about sustainability in the fashion classroom. In addition to featuring quotes from FIDM's Barbara Bundy, the story makes mention of the college's new Business of Denim major. 

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Seeing as California is the denim capitol of the country, FIDM, which has campuses in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Orange County, and San Diego, ensures sustainable efforts specifically pertaining to denim are a core part of its curriculum. The school even offers a new major called The Business of Denim, focused on developing denim product lines through green processes and technologies. Each quarter, they also offer free lunchtime lectures with a focus on denim and its relationship with the environment. “Denim is a preferred market for many of our graduates,” explains Barbara Bundy, vice president of education. “It’s also a prominent market developing and promoting more sustainable practices, from growing cotton to engineering yarn and fabrics.”

FIDM also hosts special exhibits featuring green textiles and raw materials through its library and in its textile science classes, and invites industry experts who are conducting research to make fashion more eco-friendly to speak at the school. “But raw materials only contribute to one aspect of sustainability,” Barbara points out. “We also concentrate on how to be more efficient during product development by reducing the number of prototypes made, and address supply chain management and product distribution practices as well.”

“Fashion schools most definitely have a responsibility to commit to embracing it simply because it’s the right thing to do,” says Barbara. “It will always be changing and demanding new strategies, techniques, and perspectives from every individual in the global community.”

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