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Jenna wears a white tank top and sits with her chin on her wrist in front of partially closed curtains and gazes directly into the camera.

Jenna Mutya Secures London Internship at Top UK Blockchain Agency Tech Alchemy

Arranged through FIDM partner Global Experiences, Jenna Mutya interned in London over the summer at Tech Alchemy, an award-winning software development company that recently established itself as the #1 blockchain agency in the United Kingdom. As a business marketing intern, Jenna was responsible for managing the company’s social media presence and curating original content.

Jenna grew up in the Bay area of California and attended Miramonte High School in Orinda before heading to FIDM. She’s earned an A.A. in Merchandising & Marketing, and is expecting to complete her B.S. in Business Management in Spring 2023. 

While in high school, Jenna attended FIDM’s 3 Days of Fashion and honed in on the college as her dream destination. “I was so confident that I decided to apply early and got accepted in my junior year. Today, as I head into my last quarter here at FIDM, I'm beyond grateful for the learning experience this university provided me and it's been an honor to study alongside the most creative and hard-working students/future leaders.” We caught up with Jenna to learn more.

You worked with Global Experiences to secure an internship in London this past summer. What was the process to set that up? Ever since I started university, I knew I wanted to extend my education abroad at some point in my program at FIDM. I remember hearing amazing stories from students who have studied abroad and so an opportunity like that was something I was always very interested in.

My process jumpstarted the moment I heard that the Covid-19 virus had started to simmer down and people were traveling again. I contacted my student advisor and expressed interest in studying abroad over the summer. My advisor then forwarded me to Sarah Repetto, the Director of International Affairs here at FIDM. Sarah introduced me to the Global Experiences program which immediately caught my eye. Together, we spent about six months planning, finalizing documents, and getting my visa!

You interned at Tech Alchemy Ltd. Please tell us about the company and what your responsibilities were. Founded in 2016, Tech Alchemy is an award-winning London-based software development agency. The team is composed of two founders, eight designers, forty-five developers, and six project managers. Specializing in web/mobile app design and development, the company’s focus is to help clients bring their ideas and vision to life digitally. Tech Alchemy not only builds business platforms from the ground up, they can also help their clients with business planning and funding.The firm has been featured on Amazon Web Services (AWS), BBC, Product Hunt, Clutch, and Dribbble. Much of the software the company created has actually been sold to big tech companies, even in Silicon Valley. Recently, the company established itself as the #1 blockchain agency in the United Kingdom which is huge!

My internship title was Business Marketing Intern. During my time at Tech Alchemy, I was responsible for managing their social media presence across Instagram, Tiktok, Twitter, and Medium. Most of my time was spent implementing fresh social media strategies, curating original content, and writing blog posts about company updates and tech news.

How did FIDM prepare you for this internship? Throughout my years at FIDM, the majority of work and assignments were project-based. This meant I had to learn how to manage my time, communicate effectively with a team, and develop strong presentation skills. It’s safe to say FIDM taught me how to be confident in mastering these professional skills, but also instilled the importance of always staying curious and willing to learn. A professor once told me, “to be in the industry, you have to know the industry.” This has stuck with me ever since my first year at FIDM and encourages me to always feed my brain with knowledge.

Why did you choose FIDM for your education? I chose FIDM for my education because I was confident in what the university had to offer. Knowledgeable professors who have prior industry experience, a structured curriculum dedicated to helping students reach their career goals, and amazing resources that are accessible to all. What makes FIDM stand out is that it's a university that's tailored to creating a new generation of industry leaders.

Any advice for students interested in pursuing an international internship? My best advice to students is to take advantage of this opportunity! I believe this is a great experience for all students to elevate their knowledge in an industry they are passionate about. Personally, as someone who cares deeply about marketing, I want to be able to effectively communicate and connect with consumers from all over the world. With this in mind, I knew this internship would allow me to understand marketing from an international approach and give me hands-on experience that would benefit my career. Additionally, it’s an amazing way to meet new people from all over the world. I met a lot of students from different backgrounds who I now consider very close friends!

What are your career goals? After university, I'd like to continue to evolve in my marketing career. Throughout my time in school, while pursuing internships and part-time roles, I've also kept myself busy growing my personal business as a digital marketing manager and creative consultant, working with clients in the fashion, beauty, fitness, health, and tech space. Knowing I want to continue to build this business, I also am aware that I still have so much to learn. My goal right now is to become a marketing director for a brand/agency that will help lay the foundation for me to be an effective marketer and team leader while managing my personal business on the side. After my time at a firm, I'll take what I've learned and commit to growing my business into a marketing firm that helps brands connect with their consumers.

Anything else you’d like to share? If you are interested in the Global Experiences internship abroad program, please don’t hesitate to reach out! You can find me on Instagram @wearingjenn.

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