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Student work from Lauren Delosreyes on the history of blush and why we wear it

Student Shares Class Presentations to Grow Her Network

Lauren Delosreyes is currently pursuing a B.A. in Creative Industry Studies, Beauty Marketing & Product Development Core at FIDM, while also interning at Bespoke Beauty Brands. Last quarter, Lauren created two presentations she created for her Future Trends in Society class with Instructor Claire-Dee Lim. “Both projects asked to take a current popular trend and apply class concepts to analyze and forecast the longevity or decline of the trend,” Lauren wrote on LinkedIn where she’s growing her network while studying at FIDM. 

Student work by Lauren Delosreyes on blush styles from 2021

Lauren’s first presentation for the course was on the excessive blush trend. After researching the history of extra blush and why we wear it, she showed examples throughout the years, ranging from red cheeks during the Tang Dynasty to the 1980s to present day “E-Girl Style.” In the second presentation on the bushy eyebrow trend, Lauren provided an overview of bushy brows in history and why we care about them, as well as significant remixes throughout the years, covering trends such as “Instagram Brows” and “Laminated Brows” in the process. 

Student work from Lauren Delosreyes on the history of bushy eyebrows

All images courtesy of Lauren Delosreyes

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