Grad is Social Media and Digital Marketing Manager at Alterna

Grad is Social Media and Digital Marketing Manager at Alterna

Born and raised in Delaware, Ohio, Lindsay Mundell first heard about FIDM through her godmother, Lisa Morabito, the college's Executive Director of Community & Educational Affairs. “I had always been really interested in beauty and the marketing that goes behind bringing a product to life,” said Lindsay, who earned a bachelor’s degree in Liberal Arts from The Ohio State University prior to studying at FIDM. “When Lisa told me about FIDM and that they had a program specifically for Beauty Industry Marketing & Product Development, I knew I had to go!” 

While in college, Lindsay worked part-time at Walgreens as a beauty advisor and became passionate about the industry and “wanting to learn and understand how a product went from just an idea to fruition.” Lindsay enrolled at FIDM in Los Angeles, earned a Professional Designation degree, and went to work in the industry. Since graduating from FIDM Lindsay has worked in public relations and digital marketing at Sexy Hair and she's currently the Social Media & Digital Marketing Manager at Alterna. 

Based in Los Angeles, Lindsay recently won an achievement “Above and Beyond Award” for managing the largest marketing budget for the brand and leading the team to create an increase in Instagram Story engagements, Instagram followers, comments, and total engagement. “What I love most about the beauty industry is that it's always evolving and changing,” she said. “Every year there are new technologies or advancements in ingredients and I love seeing new innovation and being a part of that.”

Lindsay, who said FIDM taught her to approach everything with an entrepreneurial eye and “that no idea was a bad idea” is encouraged by beauty brands’ efforts to be inclusive in their marketing to represent people with diverse backgrounds. “As a black woman, it really means a lot to me to be a part of these open discussions and diversity strategies,” Lindsay said. “It's important not only for brands, but also for professionals that we are always evolving and growing in our efforts to be more embracing of all people, no matter the race or gender.” 

Connect with Lindsay on Instagram @lindsay_mundell.

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