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Selfie of Mollie in white room. She smiles gently at the camera with her long blonde hair surrounding her face.

Grad Mollie Mayer Transitions from Intern To Associate at Peach & Lily

Beauty Business Management Grad Mollie Mayer recently joined skincare brand Peach & Lily as a full-time employee after interning for the brand for three months, though that wasn’t her original goal when she started school. “When I first got to FIDM in 2018, I always thought I would work for a color cosmetic brand. I didn’t know anything about skincare until FIDM introduced me and taught me everything I know. Use FIDM as an advantage to try things you never thought you would like. I never pictured myself working for a skincare brand but now I’m so in love with all things skincare!”

Born in California and raised in Texas, Mollie graduated from Centennial High School in Frisco, Texas before heading to FIDM to earn an A.A. in Beauty Marketing & Product Development followed by a B.S. in Beauty Business Management, which she just completed this past June. She started her new job in August. We checked in with her to learn more about her work with Peach & Lily. 
Tell us about your position as an Influencer Marketing Associate at Peach & Lily. What are your responsibilities? I am consistently scaling the community and onboarding creators weekly to grow our community. My favorite part of the job is when I help plan, source, and execute influencer marketing campaigns. I’m also negotiating with managers, sending contracts, and building creative briefs for those campaigns. The data part of my job is tracking our EMV (earned media value), placing bulk orders, and tracking shipments. I’m also responsible for responding to DM’s on Instagram, sending refills to creators, and small things like birthday gifts to build relationships. I’m always keeping a pulse on the next beauty/skincare trends and finding the next viral influencer to onboard. 

How are you enjoying the role? Is it a good fit? I am so beyond grateful for my job at Peach & Lily! The influencer team is a small group of amazing women who constantly uplift one another and are always there to help. I consider them my friends and I wouldn’t want it any other way. We are always brainstorming together and I have so much fun every day! I’m constantly learning new things and I’m so excited to see where this role takes me. 
What was the transition like from internship to full-time position? What, if any adjustments did you have to make? From my experience the transition was seamless. During the three month long internship, I was very transparent about what I wanted and asked to take on more projects to prove my worth and to show how badly I wanted to be full-time. This proved that I would immediately be able to start and contribute to the bottom line. I have many more responsibilities and meetings on my calendar, but I love it and am constantly challenged. 

How did FIDM help prepare you for this position? If it wasn’t for the capstone project at FIDM, I wouldn’t have had the experience or passion for my job now. I worked directly with skincare brand Fresh to develop an influencer marketing strategy on TikTok. During this six-month-long project, I realized how much I loved influencer marketing. Shortly after, I was able to land an internship in influencer marketing with Peach & Lily with the help of FIDM career coach Alex Bruzzese and FIDM instructor Tina Perez. My reporting manager at Peach & Lily at the time, Jasmine Haffar, is a FIDM Alumna. She taught me so much and prepared me to get hired full-time. 

Why did you choose FIDM? What about the school drew you from Texas? FIDM stood out to me because of how specific the major was to my passion. I was a freelance makeup artist throughout high school and didn’t want to go to cosmetology school or a huge university. Unlike other colleges, FIDM offered a Beauty Business Management program and real work-life experiences in the beauty industry.
What advice do you have for FIDM students as they start their careers? This is very cliche but never doubt yourself. I distinctly remember being terrified to apply as an intern for Peach & Lily. I thought I wouldn’t be good enough but I worked up the courage and I’m extremely proud of myself for stepping out of my comfort zone because I wouldn’t be where I’m at today. Please take full advantage of everything FIDM offers. Make connections with your classmates and professors and work hard!

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