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Ully Ferrer

Ully Ferrer

Public Relations Intern, Pravana

Ully Ferrer was raised in Santa Maria, California, and moved to the Los Angeles area to attend FIDM to pursue his love of beauty and learn more about the industry itself. "I already had my background in artistry when it came to the beauty industry," he explains. "I wanted to learn how the product that I was using got onto the shelf and into my home. I wanted to see what was the journey to create products was."

He says that the Beauty Industry Management Program "brought everything that I learned from my AA into an actual idea. We learn so many ways to research and to create products and just leave it as a concept for projects with our AA program, yet for BIM they take all of that and apply it into the real world and help us use real life examples of how to apply what we learned into our work."

Ully just finished a public relations internship at Pravana where he oversaw and helped with PR for their hair care and color products and interacted with artists and influencers. "I love that I can be myself at a company," he adds. "I feel that as the younger generations come into power at corporate job positions the more we see this shift of people starting to welcome individuality in the work space so that your creativity can help with the company."

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