McGuire Denim Hires Recent Grad Nelly Torres for Marketing and Design

McGuire Denim Hires Recent Grad Nelly Torres for Marketing and Design

Nelly Torres graduated in June this year with her B.S. in Apparel Technical Design. Prior to that, she earned her A.A. Merchandise Product Development. As a student, she gained exposure to the industry through internships. She’s now working freelance for McGuire Denim, and fills us in on her industry story.

I’d wanted to work in the fashion industry for a long time prior to FIDM. As soon as I started at FIDM I took my education very seriously. I spent a lot of time and effort in all of my school projects. My goal wasn’t necessarily to get straight A’s, but to really understand the material that was being taught. I even spent a lot my free days sewing in FIDM’s labs because it was my way to really understand garment construction. I’m really passionate about learning as much as I can about this. I graduated in June 2018 and I’m still learning every day.

My goal was to work in fashion design but I felt like it was important to study other aspects of the fashion industry. I really wanted to get out there so, in my second year of school, I landed an assistant position with Michail Sykianakis, a small Los Angeles-based womenswear brand that initially started with designer pieces and is expanding into contemporary.

At Michail Sykianakis, I work in a variety of capacities including fittings, cutting, making markers, making cost sheets, creating sketches, helping out in photoshoots, sourcing, working with our sample maker, and more. I have been there for almost three years.

As a student, I also interned at Halston in product development, and at Dora L. Inc in fashion design and technical design.

During my last few quarters at FIDM, I landed an assistant position with Selva Negra, a contemporary womenswear brand based in LA. The owners believe in sustainability and are proud of their Latina heritage. I’ve helped them with a variety of tasks including sketching, updating their online store, doing sample sales, photoshoots, social media, visiting factories, and more.

Recently, McGuire Denim hired me to work freelance. I started with editing photos for their website, and within a few weeks I began to work in design. Now I work in marketing as well. I like that I have the opportunity to work in a variety of capacities. One moment I’m editing an image for social media, then I’m visiting a factory, updating a tech pack, making a sketch, and then ending my day with a photoshoot on Broadway.

At the moment I want to gain as much experience and knowledge as I can as a designer and explore more into creative direction. I want to continue working with companies that make their products in Los Angeles. I also would love to have my own brand eventually, but first I think it’s better if I study other companies first.

Follow Nelly Torres on Instagram @nellyctorres.

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