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Rastaclat Founder & Alumnus Daniel Kasidi Launches Seek The Positive Foundation

Rastaclat Founder & Alumnus Daniel Kasidi Launches Seek The Positive Foundation

Apparel Industry Management Graduate Daniel Kasidi, the founder of the accessory brand Rastaclat, shares the impact his FIDM education has had on his career as he tells the story of his brand and the launch on his new foundation, Seek The Positive.

I remember about two decades ago FIDM offering a one-week elective course at my high school in Yorba Linda, CA. I already had an affinity for fashion and style because of my love for skateboarding and numerous clothing and footwear sponsors. I decided to take the elective and immediately fell in love with the pattern making and sewing disciplines that were involved. Making the first purse gave me a lot of excitement to be able to mix both my analytical mind with the creative mind to create. 

I immediately decided when I graduated from high school, I would attend FIDM and study Apparel Manufacturing Management. I immersed myself in the program while working a full-time job and taking night and weekend classes at FIDM. The education I got from FIDM as a 2006 Alumnus specifically in textile science, technical specing, development, patternmaking, and costing were vital in the success of the business I decided to start just four short years after my graduation. 

I founded Rastaclat in the fall of 2010, a handmade to order bracelet inspired by the extra pair of shoestrings in the corner of my room. 

I have spent the last 10 years building the business bootstrapping from my $4,000 savings to scaling to a multi-million-dollar business, being ranked by Inc5000 for the past four years as one of the Fastest Growing Privately Held Businesses in America (ranked 166 in California and 1,397 in America). Building a global brand community with millions of followers in China and South East Asia. Acquiring over 10 million customers, forging licensing partnerships with formidable sports leagues like the NBA, MLB, and 2020 Olympics. 

From the beginning, the brand was centered around the goal of inspiring others to Seek The Positive by doing good for themselves and others while focusing on our bracelets as a vehicle and symbol of that messaging. 

We spent a decade building a culture that was passionate in that pursuit while ensuring we remained socially responsible giving back in times of need to the pandemic, social injustices, and other causes that we are passionate about such as Breast Cancer, the LGBTQ movement, racial equality and gender equality. To date, we have donated over 1 million dollars to causes we are passionate about. 

This month marks the 10th anniversary since I began this journey. In honor of achieving this milestone, myself along with my business partner Eileen Szymanski Chen are celebrating with a deeper commitment to doing good for the community by launching the Seek The Positive Foundation which will focus on impacting humankind through service, charitable grants, donations, and scholarships, with a focus on Equality and Personal Development. 

Alongside the foundation, Rastaclat will release a collection of Seek the Positive bracelets that will be a daily reminder for everyone to seek positivity in their everyday endeavors. Rastaclat also pledges that 1% of net proceeds from all merchandise sold will be donated to the Seek the Positive Foundation. 

I am honored to be a part of the FIDM Alumni program and to have taken the skills and relationships I built to do good in the world. Cheers to the next 10 years of impact! 

Follow Daniel Kasidi and Rastaclat on Instagram @daniel.kasidi and @rastaclat.

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