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Jaclyn Jones

Since she was a young girl, Jaclyn Jones dreamed of a career in fashion. After receiving a sewing machine for her thirteenth birthday, the future footwear designer taught herself how to sew and began creating. She ended up going to school for business and marketing at University of San Diego, but her soul craved creativity and fashion, so she furthered her education with a degree in Apparel Industry Management from FIDM.

As a young woman shopping for luxury shoes, Jaclyn found it difficult to find comfortable and beautiful high-quality shoes. After realizing many shoe enthusiasts around her felt the same way, she branched out to develop her own brand. Her experience at a men's footwear brand house (which designed, manufactured, and managed over 20 men's labels) gave her the confidence to press forward.

Jaclyn's couture footwear line, Jaclyn Jones USA, is made stitch-by-stitch by talented artists in the U.S. Their shoes incorporate custom-made insoles featuring 4mm of foam paddling you won’t find anywhere else in the market, which makes the sandals, heels, and boots undeniably comfortable. "We are extremely proud of the details that are hand-worked into each shoe – making each pair a unique piece of art," she says. 

Since JJUSA doesn’t deal with the mass production volume required when working overseas, the Los Angeles-based company makes limited-edition size runs (up to 18 pairs per style/color combination), giving their customers truly exclusive footwear.

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