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Update on ASU FIDM Degree Offerings

April 20, 2023

Dear FIDM Students,

We are very grateful for the active engagement of the student community following the launch of ASU FIDM on April 5. Your thoughtful feedback and input have allowed us to reflect on our plans and to make adjustments to improve the opportunities for students to continue their degree progression and achieve their personal goals.

Associates in Arts (AA) Degree
For those students who wish to complete an associate degree, ASU FIDM will ensure that you have a pathway for doing so. ASU FIDM will design and launch new AA programs informed by the legacy FIDM programs. These new offerings will leverage the success and uniqueness of the existing programs including integration of technology, hands-on skills with real world applications, and coursework that is informed by and integrated with the needs of the industry.

Bachelor in Arts Fashion Degree
We will be modifying the curriculum and major maps for the BA, Fashion degree to align with the upper division courses offered at FIDM. ASU FIDM will be adding advanced computer-aided fashion design including CLO, advanced textiles, additional studio, merchandising and marketing courses to ensure that students transferring to the bachelor’s degree program at ASU FIDM have a robust set of offerings that do not duplicate courses students might have already taken.

Costume Design
We have had the opportunity to consider how best to continue the unique costume design program that so many students have expressed interest in due to the one-of-a-kind nature of this offering. FIDM will continue to offer this program for students who are enrolled in the Film and TV Costume program and scheduled to begin this summer. In parallel, ASU FIDM will create a similar offering that will be available to new students.

Spring 2024 Quarter for Current Fashion and Design Students
ASU and FIDM remain committed to collaborating, coordinating our activities throughout the transition to ASU FIDM, and supporting students in earning the degrees that will help them achieve their educational and professional goals. As FIDM has announced, over time, the college will become an institution focused on business in the creative industries. Although fashion and design students can choose to continue their education at ASU FIDM at any time, FIDM will continue to meet their needs, including by offering courses in those programs through the Spring 2024 term. This gives students the opportunity to graduate from FIDM at any point during the 2023-24 academic year.

We hope this additional information is both helpful in planning your future as well as reassuring that ASU FIDM is committed to doing whatever is necessary to ensure student success. Please continue to visit asufidm.asu.edu for more information. Information sessions and advising appointments can be found here.


Steven J. Tepper
Dean, Herberger Institute for Design
Arizona State University

Barbara Bundy
Vice President of Education

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