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High School Junior and FIDM Fashion Club President Accepted Early to FIDM

High School Junior and FIDM Fashion Club President Accepted Early to FIDM

Lily Tate doesn't graduate from high school until 2021, but she's already been accepted to FIDM as a junior, and plans to pursue her creative pursuits at the Los Angeles campus. We chatted with the future Fashion Design major to learn more about her fashion blog, role as her high school's Fashion Club President, and journey to FIDM.

Where were you born and raised? I was born and raised in the western suburbs of Chicago and am a city girl at heart. The downtown vibe, the shopping, the food, the architecture all have a contagious energy. So, if you stop by Illinois one weekend, you probably would not find me in my hometown. You would most likely find me downtown Chicago with a shopping bag and tea in hand. 

How did you know you wanted to attend FIDM? During freshman year, I started to look into fashion design schools and began following them on Instagram. Instantly, FIDM stood out. FIDM’s social media presence showed their uniqueness. The way FIDM was constantly supporting and encouraging their students was refreshing. The message that FIDM isn’t your typical college was evident. That’s when I knew I would fit right in, as I am not your typical person. My whole life I’ve felt like a square peg trying to fit into a round hole. FIDM is my square hole—the place I finally fit. 

What will your major be? I am going to major in Fashion Design. I plan on completing my Associate of Arts degree and then going into the Associates of Arts Advanced Study program. Hopefully, I will showcase my designs at DEBUT in April of 2024. Upon completing further studies or degrees, my estimated graduation is 2025.

How did you decide on your major? I have always had an eye for fashion. For many years I danced and saw stunning fabric swirl around the stage. Ever since, I’ve known I have wanted to create gorgeous garments that could move women.

Tell us about your blog Stardust in Her Eyes. I started my blog, Stardust in Her Eyes, about a year ago. Mainly, I write about myself or my current favorites. I wanted to create an open space for my own expression, passions, and creativity. This way, I could share my experiences and interests to help influence others.

What is your role in your school's FIDM Fashion Club? I started a FIDM Fashion Club at Wheaton Warrenville South during my sophomore year. I am the FIDM Fashion Club President. I help coordinate meetings, events, and plan creative activities. These include decorating our display case, making a Mean Girls-themed float for our first homecoming parade, and other crafts.

What do you enjoy most about it? I created a fun atmosphere where creative students can connect in a place they might have not otherwise met. I have had the opportunity to shape high school students’ experiences and leave a lasting mark at my school. 

What are you looking forward to about attending FIDM? I look forward to being amongst creative students like myself. I am excited to learn from passionate professors who have experience in the design industry. I am eager to move to Los Angeles and absorb the warmth from the California sun. I am enthusiastic about studying and creating in one of the top global fashion capitals in the world. But mostly, I await being in the non-typical environment I’ve been craving.

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