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Digital Media Grad is the Owner of Pazzaria Productions

Digital Media Grad is the Owner of Pazzaria Productions

Los Angeles native Daniel Rappaport has more than 25 years of experience in digital media. In addition to working on projects for major studios such as Disney, MGM, and Fox, the Digital Media Grad is the Founder and Owner of Pazzaria Productions, a fantasy entertainment company that produces digital books, music, and a YouTube channel. Based in Celebration, Florida, Daniel’s currently working on an app version of William Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream. We caught up with him to learn more about the many hats he wears as an entrepreneur. 

Tell us a little about yourself and Pazzaria Productions: I am the brainchild and main driving force behind Pazzaria Productions. Always a curious sort, I’ve mastered many different areas of digital media. I’ve worked on projects for high-profile studios such as Disney, MGM, and Fox. I’m a recipient of the Leica Photographie International Master Shot Gallery Acceptance, and worked on the film Wild, which went on to receive two Academy Award Nominations. Pazzaria Productions is an epic, fantasy entertainment company. Our primary core products are fantasy Apple Books called The Lost Rose Series. 

What recent projects have you been engaged in? We are constantly working on new and exciting episodes for our YouTube channel, A Magical B.T.S. (Behind the Scenes). Every handful of days, there is a new blog post on our blog, The Magical World of Pazzaria Productions. We are also in the works with getting our music based around the characters in the stories of Pazzaria Productions featured in a performance of the South Florida Pride Wind Ensemble. We are also working on an app version of William Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

Tell us more about your work on the film Wild: I created the DVD and Blu-ray menus with a post-production house called Renie Design. I got the job from FIDM’s Career Center, actually! So, thank you, FIDM!

Why did you choose FIDM? I had gone to CalArts, and had also taken classes at Art Center at Night and Pasadena City College. I wasn’t really looking to go to school at the time. I just wanted to focus on my career, but I ran into a Career Advisor with FIDM, serendipitously. After learning about the high quality of education, as well as how well FIDM places people in good jobs, I decided to look into the college further.

How do you feel FIDM prepared you for what you are doing now? At FIDM, class participation is really good. I loved seeing other student’s work. I think that each student really inspires the other. Also, FIDM has a relationship with Hollywood, in terms of the costume design exhibits, internships, etc. There are opportunities to let the business know about you, if you just know where to look.

How did you decide on your major? That was easy! I have been working on the Macintosh since the first one came out in 1984. I have been doing digital media for years and years. I really liked what the graphic design department was doing and I had gotten away from design for a while. At the end of my first year in Graphic Design, the Digital Media department was turning into a full-fledged Associates of Arts degree. I asked if I could switch. FIDM said yes, and I was in the first class!

How are you staying inspired during the coronavirus lockdown? I am lucky enough to be madly in love with someone. He happens to be an artist on my team and working on the aforementioned A Midsummer Night’s Dream project, and is doing an amazing job. My number one inspiration is Walt Disney. I am blessed to be 10 minutes away from Walt Disney World. I don’t know what could be more inspiring for anyone in my field.

Learn more at pazzaria.com.

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