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Announcing the Winners and Finalists of Our Campus-Wide Live-Work Space Contest

Announcing the Winners and Finalists of Our Campus-Wide Live-Work Space Contest

Congratulations to the winners and finalists of our campus-wide Live-Work Space Challenge. First place goes to two winners of $1000 each: Samara Armani (Interior Design) and Christina Loy (Merchandise Product Development). Our six finalists receive $500 each: Alyssa Childers (Merchandising & Marketing), Daniel Jacks (Fashion Design), Jaylon Jones (Fashion Design), Saffia King (BA Design), Violet Meyers (Interior Design), and Sydney Samuelson (Beauty Marketing & Product Development).

In this freeform contest presentation, students were allowed to use their creativity and submit their entries in any method including, but not limited to: photographs of an actual space they created in their home, floor plans, elevation sketches, digital renderings, or paintings of the space.

Some of the judging criteria included design elements, use of color, sightlines, height, light, organization, space tricks, and clever arrangements.

All FIDM students were invited to enter the contest, launched exclusively by the college to create their ideal “live-work” space.

Review our first place winning entries:

Samara Armani

First Place Winner: Samara Armani (Interior Design)

Click HERE to view Samara Armani's complete entry.

Christina Loy

First Place Winner: Christina Loy (Merchandise Product Development)

Click HERE to view Christina Loy's complete entry.


Review the entries of our six finalists:

Alyssa Childers

Finalist: Alyssa Childers (Merchandising & Marketing)

Daniel Jacks

Finalist: Daniel Jacks (Fashion Design)

Jaylon Jones

Finalist: Jaylon Jones (Fashion Design)

Saffia King

Finalist: Saffia King (BA Design)

Violet Meyers

Finalist: Violet Meyers (Interior Design)

Sydney Samuelson

Finalist: Sydney Samuelson (Beauty Marketing & Product Development)

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