Content Creator Heather Harpole Starts at FIDM This July in Digital Marketing

Content Creator Heather Harpole Starts at FIDM This July in Digital Marketing

Heather Elise Harpole has been strategically creating digital content for her social channels since she was a freshman in high school in Little Rock, Arkansas. Each week she uploads either a fashion or lifestyle video to her YouTube channel, which has caught the attention of Cosmopolitan, Playlist Live, and most recently a local TV news channel. She is passionate about her career path and will start her FIDM journey on the Los Angeles campus this July in Digital Marketing.

Admissions Advisor: ​Vicki Saig

Tell us a bit about yourself: I am from Little Rock, Arkansas and I am a digital creator. If I am not filming videos for my YouTube channel or shooting pictures for my Instagram, I am most likely at the gym, eating an acai bowl, or catching up with some of my friends.

What is one of your proudest accomplishments? I could not pick a favorite accomplishment of mine, but I am blessed to have worked with Cosmopolitan​, Playlist Live, and a local Arkansas news station, THV 11. In fall 2018, a Cosmopolitan​ video producer contacted me about including a video of me trying different pumpkin spice flavored foods for one of their fall videos. This experience allowed me to work with a brand that I have admired since being a kid. Additionally, starting freshman year, I have attended Playlist Live, a YouTube convention in Orlando, Florida. Last spring, they invited me to speak on a panel about what it means to me to be an individual on YouTube versus following trends. From this opportunity, I was able to speak to other creators going through the same struggles as me throughout high school, with branding themselves as individuals rather than being a part of a niche. Finally, THV 11 interviewed me on how I am using social media for my career.

Tell us about your YouTube channel: I began creating content for my YouTube channel, Instagram, and blog when I was a freshman in high school. Each week I upload either a lifestyle or fashion video, and occasionally vlogs. I worked diligently throughout high school to teach myself how to use various cameras and platforms such as Final Cut Pro and Adobe Creative Cloud. When I began filming videos, I did not know what aesthetic I was going for and I typically filmed videos, in the same manner, many other YouTubers would. As I began realizing that my content mirrored similar styles to other creators, I decided that I needed to show my true personality rather than have a seamless script and perfect shots. Once I started filming videos that offer insight into my daily life struggles, I noticed how my channel increased in engagement. From this, I found that abstaining from societal norms allows for one’s authenticity to flourish. In addition to this, although my videos are not receiving millions of views, I am thankful to live in an era where I can document memories from high school.

What do you find gratifying about making content? I find satisfaction in the process of creating videos. I enjoy each part from starting with a concept, filming, and finally, editing the footage. It is very rewarding to see how videos turn out from an idea into reality.

What made FIDM right for you? I know that by attending FIDM I will have the opportunity to study a field I am passionate about, whereas if I went to another college, I might just be pursuing a basic marketing degree. I am looking forward to the internships and connections to the industry FIDM offers.

What are your career goals? I hope to use social media as a gateway to many opportunities. Whether that be in show business, designing and marketing my own company, or managing social media for other content creators.

Who has been your biggest supporter/influencer in guiding you to FIDM? I found FIDM by watching numerous YouTube videos from other content creators like me that were pursuing a career in digital media. I decided that it would be a phenomenal opportunity to get a degree in a field that I am passionate about and is the future of society.

You mention in your college decision video that you randomly met someone who went to FIDM. Tell us about that: Just after I had been accepted into FIDM, I was at the hair salon telling my hairdresser about my college updates. I let her know that I recently decided that I would be attending FIDM in July and as I said this, a FIDM alumna interjected into the conversation. She explained that she graduated from FIDM and was shocked to hear that I am going to FIDM because not many people in Little Rock have heard of the school. She told me about her experience and this allowed me to get some first-hand knowledge from a former student. This could not have been a coincidence—it was meant to be!

Describe your entrance project: For my entrance project into FIDM, I chose to create multiple social media posts for the phone case company, CaseApp. I made two Instagram posts, a few Instagram stories, a blog post, and a YouTube video. I immediately knew by reading the prompt for the project that I would love to attend FIDM because the project was right up my alley. Since I already make content for myself and other companies, this gave me more experience with using different diction on posts and more creative compositions for the pictures and video.

What are you most looking forward to about moving to Los Angeles? I am excited for the new career opportunities and getting to be surrounded by like-minded individuals who are career-driven and want to succeed. 

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